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Slayers Megumix CD

So I was going through the list of anime related audio and what-not yesterday and came across something that I absolutely think is a "Must Have" for any serious Slayers fan.

Yeah, I know I was just going on about the Slayers - Evolution-R just yesterday, but this has got to be something for the collector in all of us.

I know I am a fan of Megumi Hayashibara, and couldn't imagine any of the opening or closing segments for Slayers to be performed by anyone else.

Now bear in mind that this triple-album was released in 2008, so there probably won't be any songs or themes from Slayers - Evolution-R on there, but there are plenty of other Slayers songs in the track listing. Including the TV version of Slayers - Revolution. The 4th season of the franchise.
Even though Megumi has really managed to voice in some major anime over the past 24 years, with roles including Ai - (Video Girl Ai), Rei Ayanami - (Neon Genesis Evangelion), Ai Haibara - (Detective Conan), Faye Valentine …

FUNimation's Future

As of today it seems the Navarre Corporation is looking to arrange the sale of FUNimation Entertainment; or as they put it "Evaluating Strategic Alternatives for FUNimation Entertainment". When according to the press release today:

"Navarre is pursuing a more focused strategy. Now that we have substantially reduced debt and improved operating margins, we are focusing our efforts on driving revenue, particularly in new product lines. We are concentrating all efforts on our distribution and software publishing businesses where we have significant expertise and considerable systems and physical assets that can be leveraged. The Punch! acquisition announced last week strengthens our software publishing business and demonstrates a step in our execution of this strategy," stated Cary L. Deacon, Chief Executive Officer. 

So then, what exactly does that mean? Sounds to me like the Navarre Corp. is wanting to focus on something other than the production of anime, a…

Slayers - Evolution-R: Lina Inverse & Co.

It may come as some surprise to the more casual fans of anime, that a franchise that is well into 15 years can sustain such a determined momentum as Slayers, in fact, for some of the more hard-core fans, it seems unusual that a title that has just hit its fifth season has the devotion of the fan-base the way that it does.

But despite the fact that Lina and Friends have been around for so long, and have survived the Anime Dark ages, is a real testament to this shows staying power. I'll admit that I was one of the more skeptical fans, the first time I dropped down my hard earned cash for a re-vamped title that looked like it had been sifted from the before time of anime. At the time, all I kept thinking to myself, was that at least it was cheap. So if it came down to me shelving the title forever on the one shelf that is the doomed wasteland of my collection, I wouldn't have to reach for my box of tissues to dry my eyes from crying over the loss.

Somewhere around episode 5, I re…

New-ish Blog for the Western Minded Otaku

Well, it isn't everyday that I actually get to start a new blog, or enterprise; and it certainly isn't everyday that I get to do this with something that is actually a major past-time for me. Meaning of course, Anime and Manga, and Video Games.

Hopefully with this Blog, I'll be doing something a little newer that I haven't done in the past with some of my other endeavors, and that is to provide valuable and useful information about the Otaku culture that has begun a major growth here in the United States over the past decade or so.

The purpose of this blog is to give you, the tools and resources you need to to make well informed decisions when purchasing Anime and Manga, figurines, collectibles, and to not be mis-lead by the sheer hype that can often associate itself with this fandom.

But mostly this is to have as much fun as possible, and to listen to me ramble on and on, about the stuff I really like the most.