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Slayers Megumix CD

So I was going through the list of anime related audio and what-not yesterday and came across something that I absolutely think is a "Must Have" for any serious Slayers fan.

Yeah, I know I was just going on about the Slayers - Evolution-R just yesterday, but this has got to be something for the collector in all of us.

I know I am a fan of Megumi Hayashibara, and couldn't imagine any of the opening or closing segments for Slayers to be performed by anyone else.

Now bear in mind that this triple-album was released in 2008, so there probably won't be any songs or themes from Slayers - Evolution-R on there, but there are plenty of other Slayers songs in the track listing. Including the TV version of Slayers - Revolution. The 4th season of the franchise.

Even though Megumi has really managed to voice in some major anime over the past 24 years, with roles including Ai - (Video Girl Ai), Rei Ayanami - (Neon Genesis Evangelion), Ai Haibara - (Detective Conan), Faye Valentine - (Cowboy Bebop), Haruka Urashima - (Love Hina); just to name a few. However, it seems that Megumi's most known role is that of red-head loud-mouth sorceress Lina Inverse.

Now, I'm not saying that Megumi has the greatest voice in the anime industry, and I'm certainly not going to argue who can do better or worse; but aside from some of the newer talent, like Aya Hirano, or others, Megumi is one of the old school VAs that still manages to hang on in a time when it's overly popular for the VAs to be mega pop-idols, and run their poor careers into the ground well before they have the opportunity to see a decade in the industry.

That said, I am a huge fan of Slayers and really hope that Megumi Hayashibara keeps on doing what I'm sure she loves doing best; which is bringing me more of the beautiful talent she has right there on the screen.

In a ddition to there being 2 full CDs of songs from nearly everything Slayers, the third CD is an instrumental disc with Karaoke versions of 13 of the songs, so those that have the pipes, can sing their little hearts out.

Here's a little sampler to tide everyone over.


  1. Oh I love j-pop, yet I haven't heard of this
    Japanese lass you speak of D? O.o

    I mainly listen to the huge names like BoA
    and Ayumi Hamasaki myself personally.

    I do listen to VA's though,
    so I might give her a trial phase.... ^^

    Go J-music 4 life!!!!

    God bless for the nice bloggie too mate.
    I liked reading it, (it was intense!!!)


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