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Dragon Age As New FUNi Anime

Early this year FUNimation announced plans to begin creation of original anime productions, and launched a new department designed for just that.

Their first production is to be the highly successful Dragon Age franchise; yes, the game by BioWare, you know, that game that we all bought and played because it seemed like we were never going to get Mass Effect 2?

The truth is, FUNimation's announcement about making co-produced, or original anime, is nothing that other companies haven't tried before; though with Navarre's recent decision to put the company out on the sales block, has a few people wondering if this is the right thing to do at this time. I supposed if there is the money to do this then, why not?

The Dragon Age game was a good title to have made into a feature, no doubt. But what the heck is up with all these game franchises getting the Ani-treatment? Don't get me wrong, I'm as curious as the next person to see what this thing is gonna look like, but I would have imagined that FUNimation, would have found a more Japanese title to begin their springboard into the anime foray with; not an actual North American video game.

According to FUNimation, the production is already underway, and the direct to video product will see shelves sometime in 2011. Which doesn't get me shivering with excitement, since lately a lot of FUNimation's titles are seeing the bottom of the pantry a long time before they see my dinner plate! So I won't be holding my breath for an early 2011 release at all.