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Guns, Girls, Zombies, and More! (Anime 2010 Summer Block)

The July anime line up is more like a block-party of excitement this summer, as some of the most anticipated shows make their premiere, and their return.

First up on the VIP list of returning champions, is non-other than Black Lagoon - Roberta's Blood Trail, the long awaited 3rd season to the critically acclaimed masterpiece.

The rumors surrounding the production of the third season were so vague and shrouded in uncertainty, that early on, it was skeptical that the over-driven action gun-fest would ever see another episode. Glad we were proven wrong.

Early last year word eased out in a brief non-descript ad, stating that the series would in fact see another day. And later that the season would be presented in the form of an OVA much to the dismay of the North American audience, whose past experiences with distribution companies securing OVAs was not that great.

Fortunately, Geneon picked up the rights, and FUNimation picked up the distribution. So the fans can rejoice, now that …