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Guns, Girls, Zombies, and More! (Anime 2010 Summer Block)

The July anime line up is more like a block-party of excitement this summer, as some of the most anticipated shows make their premiere, and their return.

First up on the VIP list of returning champions, is non-other than Black Lagoon - Roberta's Blood Trail, the long awaited 3rd season to the critically acclaimed masterpiece.

The rumors surrounding the production of the third season were so vague and shrouded in uncertainty, that early on, it was skeptical that the over-driven action gun-fest would ever see another episode. Glad we were proven wrong.

Early last year word eased out in a brief non-descript ad, stating that the series would in fact see another day. And later that the season would be presented in the form of an OVA much to the dismay of the North American audience, whose past experiences with distribution companies securing OVAs was not that great.

Fortunately, Geneon picked up the rights, and FUNimation picked up the distribution. So the fans can rejoice, now that once again they get to see their two favorite on-screen gun-wielding girls go at it for another round.

That's right, the third season isn't called Roberta's Blood Trail for nothing. The crazy maid with guns has returned, and this time is leaving, well, nothing less than a trail of blood and destruction in her path to revenge, and blind justice.

The 5 OVAs are scheduled to be released until Jan 2011. So be on the lookout for more installments throughout the next several months.

Also taking off is the Witches from the 501st Joint Fighter Wing! Strike Witches 2!

That's right, the girls are back, as the fight with invading Neuroi is taking more severe turns towards the worse. Miyafuji must take to the skies once more after a year away from the fighting to do what she does best. "Protect People".

AIC takes the reigns of production for the second season, but manages to capture the essence of what Gonzo started in the first. So no, there are no skirts on any of the witches this time around either.

Also the second season will be streamed exclusively by Crunchyroll for those that have a membership. It is unknown at this time if FUNimation will step in and secure a distro license yet, but the odds are in favor of.

The first episode is definitely good, the pacing seems a bit more relaxed, and not as rushed; still has some typical cliche elements, but the opening shot of another Strike Witch Squad gives depth and breadth to the shows world. Like the first series, I'm not expecting the proverbial poo to hit the fan, as far as action is concerned, until the next episode, or later.

A definite must see for those still waging the war on pants!

Fresh from the factory is Japan's latest horror thriller, High School of the Dead.

Unleashing its zombie goodness and gore and panty-shots across the screen in vivid detail.

Much like the classic zombie thrillers from America, HSoTD plays out similar to Dawn of the Dead, but this time instead of a group of survivors seeking refuge at a shopping mall, they are a group of high school students dealing with the sudden spread of zombies within the gates of their school, and smashing the reanimated corpses of their friends.

Harsh and wicked, it will most certainly please the fans of the manga, as well as satisfy the need to see something other than moe vampires that would rather love their victims to death.

The pacing of the show is great, the editing is superb, but the characters will certainly leave a mixed appreciation in your head. I can honestly say that at this point, I don't care for the series protagonists, but then; not everyone is on their best behavior during the zombie apocalypse.

Ookami-san is another of the smash breakout anime titles to hit the networks in Japan this summer, and despite the heavy Grimm Brother style fairy tale themes surrounding each episode, it is both charming, and funny, and original.

At first glance it seems as if this is another Toradora! type anime, what with the lead character Ookami Ryoko bearing a striking resemblance to our favorite short-round Taiga; but nothing about this show aside from a familiar animation style is even remotely the same.

Ookami and company are members of the Otogi High School Bank; a club within their school that fixes things. And by things, almost anything. In fact the first episode involved them fixing it so a guy would not quit the sports team.

I have a great feeling about this series, and look forward to seeing more. Definitely up there on my list of must see titles this new season.

On that note, I'm very pumped and thrilled about all the great stuff being released. Oh, sure we can't escape the inevitable moe title, and annoying romantic drama-fest, but as for having a good spread; this is gonna be one summer to remember.