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WO's Honorable Mention: Strawberry Marshmallow

  While I'm gathering my thoughts today, and getting my brain psyched up for some serious reviewing, I thought I would give out a nice honorable mention to both an anime and a manga that has entertained me on numerous levels.
Now, I know I've dogged the hell out of manga in the Gentleman's Alliance Cross post I made, but come on, I was having a bad day. You try reading through a manga that takes four passes a page, and listen to "It's not a hard read at all." talk.
So, putting that aside, I thought I would just give a brief run-down of what this series is about.
It's comedy slice of life, and while it isn't a 4-panel comic, it certainly has the look and feel of something very similar to one. It's a brisk read, and there are few parts that will bog down for very long before a great big chuckle escapes your face.
The plot is pretty much non-existent, as it focuses on the lives of five girls, Miu, Chika, Anna, Masturi, and Nobue. When they aren't b…

Re-Enter The Samurai!

I'm not going to say that it is impossible to go through and list every single anime or manga that comes out each season and month, but it's just not practical; and I for one don't always feel like waiting around for the opportunity to have all the shows already out and airing before I start writing and blogging about them.
That said, I can honestly say that even though this show didn't make it into  my recent Fall Anime 2010 lists, this is certainly a show that has grabbed my attention, and managed to gleefully slip past my rants and raves. And while it is certainly a show of deliberate extremes, and no-holds-barred avant animation it is fast setting itself up as the new look of the way of the Samurai.
I'm of course talking about Hyakkan Ryouran: Samurai Girls, that "Not just another fighting anime" that focuses on busty and/or barely clad girls with swords, and other various fighting weapons. But wait, could it be that while this is a heavy handed fan-ser…

Getting Along With Chan - Honorifics Today

Okay, while I'm in the process of doing some research and material gathering for my next review, I thought I would take a stab at offering a counterpoint to an interesting debate on honorifics, the usage of honorifics, and their inclusion or redaction from translated manga, and anime; including their correct translation in the speaking dubs of anime for the Western audiences.

The biggest issue when it comes to honorifics today whether they are coming to us through the translation of popular manga or anime, or even foriegn television and film, is not a question of acceptance; as the many debates that have raged on have fueled. It's a matter of whether or not they are 100% necessary in the English speaking world.

Sure there are differing opinions as to the weight a correctly translated honorific can add to a work, but the argument is not the nodding consent that they exist, but if they are essential.

I have heard and read both sides of this debate and argument for a long time no…

The Gentleman's Alliance Mess!

I'm going to let everyone in on a little secret; and that is, I actually do not enjoy reading manga all that much. To me, a person who writes, and has written literally hundreds of pieces of poetry, prose and short stories; I find most manga to be an insult to the craft of fine story telling, that allows the writer to get away with using a picture, instead of exposition, and elaboration. I'm not trying to start a flame war here, but the truth is, I was never a person that really enjoyed looking at a picture book. I hated them as a small child, and I hated them as a young adult, and I actually really don't like them much now.

To me a good story is one that allows the reader to use their brain, and forces them to assemble the scenes and the construct of the story with their own imagination; a good writer will elaborate just enough to allow a reader to do this, a bad writer will over-elaborate, and thus turn a good story into a quagmire of swampy rhetoric and a book that does…

More Fall Anime 2010... (Re-Deux?)

Yeah, it's a foregone conclusion that just as I hit "post" on that last blog entry, I turn around and see a crap-load more anime airing in Japan, that just screams for a mention here. Of course it could be that I just have a type of keyboard illness that forces me to vomit words at infinity; either way, there are a few more shows here that I guess I have no other choice than to satisfy the sickness, and talk about.

I just hope that as soon as I post this entry, I'm not forced to write another one. I wanna do my review of crappy anime and manga now dammit!!!!

Okay, I won't bore you anymore with my candy talk... let's get to the Anime!

First up (this second blog around), is Yosuga no Sora. It's the story of Haruka Kazugano and his twin sister Sora, who come back to the village of Okukozome-chou, a place in the mountains that they often visited as children during their Summer vacations, and spend time there with their dear old grandfather.

This time howeve…

Some Fall 2010 Anime (This stuff is actually in color?)

This Fall anime line-up has a few interesting titles so far, and even though it seems to already pale in comparison to the schedule from the Summer, there may be something hiding in the shows that haven't yet his the airwaves in Japan to pique the interest of the fanbase; but don't quote me on that, so far it seems like re-hash and rubbish!

I'm not going to list every single anime that is airing this Fall, so if you want that information you'll just have to get your chubby little Otaku fingers to typing and searching Google or Yahoo to find it for yourselves!
One of the earlier anticipated titles is MM!, a show about a guy Sado Tarou who has a problem with only getting sexually aroused when girls beat on him. His masochism being what it is, he feels that he will never develop a normal relationship and chooses to seek help in the "Voluntary Club", yet one more stereotypical "Club" that makes people's wishes or desires come true. Hoping that the pe…

WO Interviews: Astro Nerd Boy

Taking a break from my usual sarcastic and critical approach to the Otaku pop-culture, I thought I would tackle something a little more seriously minded, and get with fellow Anime/Manga afficianado AstroNerdBoy to comment a little about some things in the industry, and personally as a fan.

AstroNerdBoy is best known for his massively popular AstroNerdBoy's Anime & Manga Blog, as well as being one of the administrators of the FUNimation Forum on-line community.

When he isn't blogging away episode and chapter reviews of anime and manga, or getting away with blurbs about lack of sleep; he is contributing elsewhere on the internet and various communities doing what he does best, enlightening us with his rhetoric and refreshing opinions.

"I'd like to kick this off with the usual question.

How old were you when you discovered Japanese entertainment i.e Anime/Manga?"
"Nineteen. I'm not sure I would have even paid attention to anime …