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Some Fall 2010 Anime (This stuff is actually in color?)

This Fall anime line-up has a few interesting titles so far, and even though it seems to already pale in comparison to the schedule from the Summer, there may be something hiding in the shows that haven't yet his the airwaves in Japan to pique the interest of the fanbase; but don't quote me on that, so far it seems like re-hash and rubbish!

I'm not going to list every single anime that is airing this Fall, so if you want that information you'll just have to get your chubby little Otaku fingers to typing and searching Google or Yahoo to find it for yourselves!

One of the earlier anticipated titles is MM!, a show about a guy Sado Tarou who has a problem with only getting sexually aroused when girls beat on him. His masochism being what it is, he feels that he will never develop a normal relationship and chooses to seek help in the "Voluntary Club", yet one more stereotypical "Club" that makes people's wishes or desires come true. Hoping that the people there will help cure his condition, Tarou gets in over his head. For one he encounters a girl named Isurugi Mio, who thinks she is a god (as if we haven't been waiting for another god-complex girl to come along), and Yuno Arashiko, the person responsible for his masochistic condition in the first place.

I can already tell you that this is going to be a very frustrating anime at least for a person like me anyway. It features masochism, lots of fan-service, and all the things that will go with a typial harem comedy; I'm not even gonna call this a romantic comedy, I just can bring myself to slap that sort of label to an ecchi fuelled freight train such as this.

Iron Man
The next anime to hit is none other than the anticipated Iron Man anime that Marvel Comics/Madhouse has made.

Taking the man in the iron suit and porting him to Japan could be something of a brilliant move, and Madhouse animation studios is doing everything in their power to make the transition as focused and purposed as possible.

The series seems very promising, and the characters look as good as anything one would come to expect from Madhouse, but based on some fan reaction, there could be some slight backlash to the porting of popular American only franchises to Japan.

Any backlash will most likely come in the form of noob rants that wont carry much weight, since to them the only thing anime is something originally from Japan. Phem!

For a lot of fans, this is a means of seeing more of our hero, and the fact that a lot of the style and character from the films makes it into the anime is something to be said for Marvel.

I'll be checking this one out, no doubt!

Letter Bee Reverse

Another title that has been on everyone's "must see" list is Letter Bee Reverse, the sequel to the successful first season show following the adventures of postal carrier Lag Seeing and companion Niche.

I'll have to be honest, I haven't finished the first season, and since I knew that there was a second season in the works; I sort of assumed that Lag's quest to find fellow Letter Bee Gouche wasn't going to happen, or wasn't going to be resolved.

I really need to finish up so I can get started on this one. It is high on my to-do list, and since the first season seethed with sheer awesome, I am anticipating great things.

The look and animation of Letter Bee is what really won me over in the beginning; not so much the main character as I find Lag a bit of a wuss, and his constant crying, while intimately compelling in the beginning, has sort of grown old; and I find myself wanting to tell him to just shut the hell up, and act like a man. The best part of the show is Niche; she really makes up for a lot of what the show is lacking. Not to mention her hair is incredible... so yeah pardon the fan-gushing on this one.

Panty & Stocking

What do you get when you combine Powerpuff Girls and the perverse toilet humor of a Nickelodeon cartoon gone very bad? Well you get the latest hunk of smeary crap Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt!

Whether you are convinced it's the greatest thing Gainax has ever done, or you are just into sex jokes, this is one anime that has certainly garnered a lot of attention quickly.

Personally it's nothing but irreverent and twisted, there are some humorous moments, but I doubt even that will have enough staying power to keep the fanbase satisfied for long. The show is obviously a parody of a lot of other titles, and while breaking the mould, and the bounds of storytelling -- not to mention character studies -- it does sport impressive deliberate animation, and blindingly brilliant transformation sequences.

I don't want to say a lot about this show now, since I do plan on writing a review later on; but if toilet humor, sex jokes, and perversion are not your thing, then do not blame me when you feel like scrubbing down with a steel-wool pad after viewing.

I'm more than a little disappointed in this season of anime from Japan. It seems that the direction of shows over the past few years has hit some sort of twisted and provocative meandering speed-bump. If it isn't doused with a heavy helping of lolicon themes, and ecchi content, then it's just vampire this and vampire that. I'm not impressed here people, I want stories that will transcend their own genre, and I want shows that will have people talking about them years after they've already stopped airing.

Instead I get this crap! Aside from a few halfway decent titles, that I will only casually watch, I'm not feeling things very much. If the titles that I've listed here are is the best Japan can do, then I am in trouble.

Guess it's time for me to take my starting point, and begin my sprint through the streets of Japan slapping furiously at the fanbase.