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So You Wanna Speak Japanese

Chances are that after several years of watching anime, and/or reading manga you have gotten to the point that you can easily understand a few Japanese slang words and phrases as you most likely hear them repeatedly in the medium. Words like "Ohayou Gozaimasu" and "Ja ne" and "Moshi Moshi" and even "Doku desu ka" are some fine examples of everyday language that one will pick up on when watching their anime subbed, and listening with the Japanese audio enabled.

Learning a new language is a great achievement, and one that takes a lot of hard work, and much practice. This isn't at all like riding a bicycle, because if you DON'T use it, you will LOSE it.

Learning to speak Japanese is one thing, but learning to read Japanese is a totally different monster. Much like English has Upper Case letter and Lower Case letters Japanese has something almost similar, but used often-times in a different contrast.

Then to complicate matters further, there…

WO's November Top 10: Annoying Things

So, I was walking through my local retailer a few Sundays ago, looking through anime for my girlfriend — yes, I actually have one of those — and while perusing through the titles of anime I was going to get her for her birthday, I noticed that one had a loose disc in the box. Wouldn't you know it, it was the only copy of that title available too.

Well, it wasn't as if that was going to be the anime that I bought her, but still, one copy, and it was the one with the loose disc in the box. That is so annoying!

So I got to thinking about all the things that annoy me, and I decided to make a list of all the stuff in the fandom that really grinds my gears.

10. Discs That Are Junk!
So we've all opened them up, a brand new box, only to find that the DVD disc or Blu-ray disc has a nice pretty scuff or scratch, and my favorite... a finger print! Who put these in there?

It isn't enough that it's the only copy, or that I ordered this a week ago, and it arrives in the mail in t…