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Another Obligatory Season of Yadda, Yadda, Yadda...

Just when we thought that Otakus couldn't attack us anymore with their obsessions and fandom renegade marauder shows, here comes a fresh batch from the factory.
I'm talking of course about the newest season of anime from Japan streaming, or airing as we speak.
First up we have Level E, a show about an alien prince that crash-lands on earth — which happens to be secretly populated with all manner of alien species — he gets amnesia and takes up residence with a guy named Tsutsui Yukitata a high school student and the hilarity ensues.
Level E is based on the manga by Yoshihiro Togashi (YuYu Hakusho, Hunter X Hunter) and is produced in part by Studio Pierrot.
I am familiar with some of the works of Togashi, but not enough to get enthusiastic or anything at the prospect of this title yet. It isn't a long anime series according to various sources, and while it is based on a short manga series (three volumes), it may follow with little filler.
Next up we ha…

Turning Over a New Leaf

I didn't have much of an opportunity to post anything over the past few days, and since my brain is frying with a fever, and I'm stuck at the office downing Tylenol, and benadryl, I thought I would give everyone a little something on here.

Nothing better than writing a blog entry while feeling like a beat up sack of pudding; but oh well, I've had worse New Years starts... just can't think of any.

I've been asked a lot about what my New Year's resolution was, will I have one, when will I start it; and in all truth, I don't make resolutions. The reason being, they all inevitably turn into me making unrealistic demands on myself, and then getting angry for such high expectations that nothing gets accomplished.

One thing though that may have required a little thought about a resolution was with regards to Western Otaku. I've come to realize that I make outlandish nonsense claims and rant and rave at the fanbase a lot. I do this for two reasons, one it's…