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Turning Over a New Leaf

I didn't have much of an opportunity to post anything over the past few days, and since my brain is frying with a fever, and I'm stuck at the office downing Tylenol, and benadryl, I thought I would give everyone a little something on here.

Nothing better than writing a blog entry while feeling like a beat up sack of pudding; but oh well, I've had worse New Years starts... just can't think of any.

I've been asked a lot about what my New Year's resolution was, will I have one, when will I start it; and in all truth, I don't make resolutions. The reason being, they all inevitably turn into me making unrealistic demands on myself, and then getting angry for such high expectations that nothing gets accomplished.

One thing though that may have required a little thought about a resolution was with regards to Western Otaku. I've come to realize that I make outlandish nonsense claims and rant and rave at the fanbase a lot. I do this for two reasons, one it's entertaining to poke fun at the fanbase of which I am apart. and two, it lets me get my frustration out on you all while hopefully educating everyone a little bit.

So what sort of "New Leaf" and I going to turn over for this new year with WO?

Not a damn one.

I enjoy being able to point my finger, justified or unjustified at the various aspects of the fandom. I enjoy pissing off the newbie fanbase, and slapping the faces of the veteran anime viewers and manga readers. This is what it means to be me. This is more or less what WO was founded on, and I have no intention of changing any of that now.

If a fan is a doofus, then by god, he'll be called one.

I don't mean to insinuate that I will not be trying harder in the future to make the blog the best it can be, but I'll just be looking ahead, not behind. And hopefully I won't allow this place to stall much over this next year.

As a gift for the New Year, I leave you with this. Look at it and weep!


  1. Did you create this comic?

  2. Sadly no, I did not. I re-posted this picture from one of my online buddy's blogs. I would love to find the source, and see more of something like this though.


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