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Ah! My Goddess - 2011 OAD

The last time we saw an animated release of any kind for Ah! My Goddess was in 2008, to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the manga in the form of two OVAs called Fighting Wings, taking place hot on the heels of the second season; in which Lind comes to Earth to capture an angel eater monster that has been terrorizing the goddesses.

This time however we are given a special OAD out of the blue and without much fanfare, packaged along with the 42nd and 43rd volumes of the manga roughly titled Together Forever.

As a fan of almost every form of Ah! My Goddess, I was instantly excited about getting more of what I love, and while the episode isn't canon, it is at least somewhat consistent with the latter events of the anime, and how they interconnect with one another.

This OAD is the first original anime DVD--meaning direct to DVD video--produced for the series, and not the typical OVA made available everywhere, and thus limited to manga purchases only(sorry to the North American fans, but…

WO's February Top 10: Interesting Things Part 2

Alright boys and girls; time to get this show back on the air. And without a moment to spare too, since February is almost over.

Yeah it's my fault that the February top 10 got split up, but I mean seriously that was one long post, and I got bogged down in real life stuff.

But now I am back for a bit to try and finish out the top ten list.

05. A Song In Their Hearts
One of the things that I find interesting is the sheer amount of energy a fan puts into learning the opening and ending songs for an anime that they really like. It seems that given enough time, their favorite show will inevitably release a vocal album, or a single and while we as American, English speaking fans don't know much about the Japanese language; we will learn every word to the songs. Or at best try to sing along with them anyway.

Have I done this?

You better believe it. And it isn't a matter of just being an obsessed fan, or going too far in my fandom, it's a matter of me liking something, and w…

WO's February Top 10: Interesting Things - Part 1

Yet another list, it seems as if lately my life is being reduced to lists, lists of groceries, lists of books that I have yet to read, anime that is literally piling up on the shelves, and lists of shows that I am in bad need of watching.

If one were to look close, it would seem like all I have time to do lately is make lists. Maybe I should make a list of all the lists I've made.

Anyway, as if to rub salt in the proverbial wound; I've realized that I totally forgotten to create a list for January, and since February is upon us, I thought I would consider that lack of last month's list a break from making lists. At least it seems right when I work it out in my head.

I've really been stumped as to what topic I should use for this top 10, since really, it isn't anything annoying, or confusing, and yet has to be another state of mind about the otaku phenomenon. So I randomly chose Interesting Things.

When it comes right down to it, aside from randy kids that just wa…

WO's First 5000!!!

I just wanted to take some time out of my busy day to say a great big "THANK YOU" for hitting this blog five thousand times. It feels good to know that my hard work wasn't completely in vain, and that there are fans that like to read my rants, and reviews, and have kept coming back for more.

In appreciation of your continued support I present you with a few of my favorite pictures and AMVs from the world of Full Metal Panic.

And for those of you that have never seen Full Metal Panic! then here is a fan made preview of the entire three seasons.

So once again, just a brief thanks, and then I'm off to do other stuff. Hope you anjoy the vids, and keep on supporting us, we'll keep updating so you keep reading.