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xxxHolic Rou Adayuma

Now that the manga series has wrapped, it seems that CLAMP has still one more visual offering for the fans; presented as an OAD, and bundled with the final 19th volume of xxxHolic, the 27 minute episode takes us once more into the world of the new mysterious shop owner, and the supernatural.

Picking up some years after the events of xxxHolic Rou, Kimihiro Watanuki is asked to grant a wish of Doumeki's grandfather, which takes him on a harrowing jaunt into the world of dreams. Once there, he is to decrypt the dream, using all the skill he has at his disposal, as he follows a thread of dreams through the past moments of his life, and that of the dreamer.

Once again the OAD is produced by Production IG, and despite the swiftness of the episode, it sports some of the most impressive visual effects in the xxxHolic franchise since the movie; A Midsummer Night's Dream. The score is first rate as always, and the dialogue is well crafted, allowing the fans not familiar with the manga to…

WO's March Top 10: Random Things

Well, I'm finally back from taking a brief break; been away for a bit doing some proper rest time, and visiting my fiance in Missouri.
So, now that I am back, it's time to get another month's top ten out of the way. I'll do everything I can to keep this one from going so dang long.
Anyway, jumping right in; this month I am not adhering to any theme, so it's going to be random stuff in the fandom.
10: Waiting On Word
One thing fans of anime and manga hate or get so worked up over is of course waiting on word of their new favorite show. Whether it is news of it's arrival in America, or news of acquirement, or even news of who is going to be voicing which character in the up-coming dub.

Most of the negative feedback that comes from the fan-base is due to a company's inability, either un-knowingly, or willfully to keep this vital information out of the general mosh pit.

09: Re-Issue
We all love our shows, and there is no denying that some jump at the first chance to…

Where Are All The Dubs?

One thing that the fan-base in America has a great passion for is consistent and precise dubbing of anime shows. Sure there are the subtitle purists that would prefer their entire world to be spoken in Japanese with Arial style font popping up at the bottom; but for a huge majority of anime fans, we would like to see--well hear--a good dub for some of our favorite shows.
The cause for alarm is somewhat small lately, when we take into consideration some of the baby steps that anime distributors have made this past couple of years; however the mediocre trickling of solid sound-work titles has clearly seen better days.
Over the course of the past five years, anime has seen its share of major ups and downs, combined with controversy and the occasional idiot-fan making like a pervert at some convention. Sure the obsession factor has plateaued, and sure the industry is announcing title acquisition after title acquisition; but little is actually getting to our plates with the proper proportion…