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I hate End of Month Transitions

So, I work as an accountant, and every month we have to hustle and bustle to get all the zeros balanced out before we open the books on the new month, and wouldn't you know it; it seriously eats into my anime and manga time.

Now, I'm not opposed to just relaxing a little, but there is a huge part of me that just can't quite accept that I have to do something else besides watch my favorite shows.

Right now, I am backed up so far in my anime and manga, that I might as well be trying to dig my way out of a super-max prison with a spoon.

It's times like these, that happen every time, that I have to just sit back and relax and hope that this month will transition into the next as smoothly as possible, otherwise it will just be a massive stressful headache, and I'll be running for the painkiller.

I would have already had a few more reviews up on here, but when you have to hold down the job and the home and everything else in between it seems that things will inevitably s…

Nichijou - Episode 01

While I wouldn't go so far as to say that nichijou is a typical school comedy anime, I wouldn't call it normal in the least. This show has nothing but random craziness written all over it from start to finish, and while it lacks any sort of plot; it certainly carries on in some big traditions that have come before it.

Based on the manga "Everyday Life" by Keiichi Arawi, and animated by Kyoto Animation, this new series from Japan is a blast back to the anime of absurdities and insanity.

If at first when you sit down to watch Nichijou and you find yourself harking back to some of the before-time anime titles like Pani Poni Dash or even Azumanga Daioh, then you are certainly headed in the right direction; take it a few more steps into the realms of the unreal, and you are getting hotter by the minute.

The story follows a hand full of students at the "Prefectual High School" through their average everyday lives, that are anything but average, or ordinary.

 The …

Funimation Beta is "GO" for Launch!

Early in the afternoon on April 14th I happened upon my email, and noticed that FUNimation had sent me a little "something", and discovered it was my official invite to finally cast off the shackles of standard site service, and join the all new FUNimation Beta. Not only is it nearing the end of its beta testing phase, it is now ready to handle the load of full usage.

This is not just a forum/message board either, it is a full service social site featuring integrated digital streaming, with community functionality. Think Facebook meets Hulu and you are getting close.

The launch of the site took place just a day before the announcement that the old FUNimation message board will be closing its doors April 28th, and while many of the fans of the forum are disheartened to see the old playground go the way of the dinosaur, it certainly didn't stop them from jumping ship as soon as the doors of the Beta were swung wide open on Thursday.

There are still many glitches and minute…

Lotte no Omocha

So, the weekend happened; and wouldn't you know it, a new anime hit the broadcast.

Now this isn't just any new anime, it's none other than the new taste (forgive the pun) on everyone's tongue; Lotte no Omocha. The one that everyone has probably already heard about, or if you haven't then you will soon.

Chances are what you heard about this show is absolutely right, and for those of you that haven't heard anything about it, then chances are it will not be your thing; and if it is, then it's gonna be one of those titles, I really want to see the fans in the fandom explain their reasons for liking it.

Lotte no Omocha is the story of 10 year old succubus Princess Lotte that lives in the Creature Realm, and it is during this time in her life that she must engage in the first consumption of life-seed from a male in order to begin her path to succubus-hood. The complication arises from the fact that Princess Lotte has a major hatred of men and refuses to comply.


Out of Coffee, So Early In The Morning!

People often ask me how I have time to juggle my busy work day, and my life as an anime aficionado; and my usual reply is that I just do what I can. Well... mostly.

The funny thing about being a thirty-something anime hobbyist, is that I get to blend the best of two worlds together. I get to work a full time job, hang with real people, and go on complete lunatic anime and manga spending sprees when the mood strikes me.

I'm not that different from your average anime and manga enthusiast, except that I probably do way less whining and crying about my place in the world. I've run out of excuses, and don't really care if the other nerds don't like what I watch. In fact, I try to keep my distance from those so-called-fans, that just hide behind their arrogant attitudes.

I sometimes envy the younger fans of anime, and sometimes it is hard to not be just a little resentful over how they can laze away their days just cramming as much anime and manga as they want, and assuming …

Bleach: The First Fifteen

It isn't much of a secret that I have been somewhat of an anti-popularity person, I rarely give in to the hype of a series; and I usually have only two methods of appreciating some form of anime or manga. One is to let the hype run its course, and the other is to catch the train ahead of the mayhem.

Bleach is really no exception to that rule, which also falls somewhere in the personal category of "never start something you can't finish". Recently though, that has seemed to change.

For several years I've avoided such big names in the anime industry as Bleach, Naruto or One Piece simply from concern that the company that holds the license would fail to release all available episodes, and I as a devoted fan would be distraught and hate-filled. However, this past year I had a brush with the strands of fate, and ended up watching the first couple of episodes of Bleach and found myself thoroughly entertained.

At first, the idea of ever starting a series several hundred …