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Funimation Beta is "GO" for Launch!

Early in the afternoon on April 14th I happened upon my email, and noticed that FUNimation had sent me a little "something", and discovered it was my official invite to finally cast off the shackles of standard site service, and join the all new FUNimation Beta. Not only is it nearing the end of its beta testing phase, it is now ready to handle the load of full usage.

This is not just a forum/message board either, it is a full service social site featuring integrated digital streaming, with community functionality. Think Facebook meets Hulu and you are getting close.

The launch of the site took place just a day before the announcement that the old FUNimation message board will be closing its doors April 28th, and while many of the fans of the forum are disheartened to see the old playground go the way of the dinosaur, it certainly didn't stop them from jumping ship as soon as the doors of the Beta were swung wide open on Thursday.

There are still many glitches and minute bugs that are being worked out, and there is a section dedicated to reporting those to the site builders. In addition, members of the site can make suggestions and offer advice on features, and things they feel will give the community boards a better feel.

It has been promised by the administration there, that the FUNi-Beta forums would also feature more involvement from the moderator team, but since the doors were opened we are still wondering where to spot them at, and how to really tell them apart from the casual members.

It isn't everyday that a new social site opens its doors, and I for one and still reeling from the notion that I have to abandon my 3000+ post count at the old site in exchange for this newbie one.

The video streams are not much of an improvement, though navigating them seems a little better. For those with a weak internet connection, you will not be satisfied in the least with the speed of the viewing, and will encounter stall and stall while watching your One Piece clips.

For those nerds interested in taking a peek at what the minds at Flower Mound have been up to, you can check out the new social site here:

FUNimation Beta