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I hate End of Month Transitions

So, I work as an accountant, and every month we have to hustle and bustle to get all the zeros balanced out before we open the books on the new month, and wouldn't you know it; it seriously eats into my anime and manga time.

Now, I'm not opposed to just relaxing a little, but there is a huge part of me that just can't quite accept that I have to do something else besides watch my favorite shows.

Right now, I am backed up so far in my anime and manga, that I might as well be trying to dig my way out of a super-max prison with a spoon.

It's times like these, that happen every time, that I have to just sit back and relax and hope that this month will transition into the next as smoothly as possible, otherwise it will just be a massive stressful headache, and I'll be running for the painkiller.

I would have already had a few more reviews up on here, but when you have to hold down the job and the home and everything else in between it seems that things will inevitably suffer, and it just so happens to be my anime, and my manga.

I'm not all that upset, but every once in a while I do want to just rant about it a little. For those that were probably expecting a nice review or a topic on the fandom, it looks like I've hit my limit this month, and so aside from this brief scribble, I'll have to put my junk up for the month of May.

So as a farewell to the month of April, I leave you with this cute re-worked Trigun video with a nice audio sample from Team America: World Police.