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Lotte no Omocha

So, the weekend happened; and wouldn't you know it, a new anime hit the broadcast.

Now this isn't just any new anime, it's none other than the new taste (forgive the pun) on everyone's tongue; Lotte no Omocha. The one that everyone has probably already heard about, or if you haven't then you will soon.

Chances are what you heard about this show is absolutely right, and for those of you that haven't heard anything about it, then chances are it will not be your thing; and if it is, then it's gonna be one of those titles, I really want to see the fans in the fandom explain their reasons for liking it.

Lotte no Omocha is the story of 10 year old succubus Princess Lotte that lives in the Creature Realm, and it is during this time in her life that she must engage in the first consumption of life-seed from a male in order to begin her path to succubus-hood. The complication arises from the fact that Princess Lotte has a major hatred of men and refuses to comply.

The second complication, is that life seed is obviously something that must be extracted from a male through "sucking", which when you take Succubus and add Life Seed the result is obviously male semen.

Thinking that she can outwit her instructor, and get around the act; she announces that if a human male can be found she will suck his life seed, and fulfill her role as a succubus, but since human males are the stuff of fairy tails in the Creature Realm, Lotte is certain that she can rest easy.

In an attempt to open the World Tree which has the power to bridge realms, Lotte's instructor Judith is lost through the portal, and enters the Realm of Men. While there, she encounters a boy and his little sister who is on his way to a job interview; seizing this opportunity, Judith informs the boy that she has a job for him which will pay 500,000 a month (not sure if that's monopoly money or bottle caps).

Meanwhile Lotte manages to Forest Gump her way through opening the World Tree and pull them back, with the boy falling into her unexpectedly waiting arms.

To be honest I've seen much worse, aside from the opening 8 minute bath scene with cleverly hidden body parts, and enough naked back-side to last me for the rest of the season; and despite the preamble that came with this show last week from a few hard-core naysayers, the show is paced pretty decently.

The biggest issue is the premise, which takes a huge quantum leaping hurdle to get over, but hey if the fans of some of the more modern anime this past season or two can handle some of what was broadcast, then this is practically nothing.

My biggest complaint is that this is an otaku perv's wet dream. As it does have a 10 year old for a lead, and the premise of giving head to a wayward guy. So there is that, but if you can get around the plot, get around the off-handed clearly alluded to semen references, then you might enjoy this on some small level.

I personally, haven't seen anything that has personally offended, or made my skin scrawl, aside from the blatant age of the character. But knowing these types of anime like I do, I find it hard that we are really going to see Princess Lotte on her knees at the end of this series giving a blow-job.

So there you have it, a first hand look at this somewhat controversial anime, and my thoughts on it. I hope I haven't spoiled too much for anyone, and I hope for those that want to watch it, it makes all your dreams come true.

No if you'll excuse me, I need to go get back to anime watching and manga reading.


  1. This anime is so good. it is the surprise of the season.


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