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Nichijou - Episode 01

While I wouldn't go so far as to say that nichijou is a typical school comedy anime, I wouldn't call it normal in the least. This show has nothing but random craziness written all over it from start to finish, and while it lacks any sort of plot; it certainly carries on in some big traditions that have come before it.

Based on the manga "Everyday Life" by Keiichi Arawi, and animated by Kyoto Animation, this new series from Japan is a blast back to the anime of absurdities and insanity.

If at first when you sit down to watch Nichijou and you find yourself harking back to some of the before-time anime titles like Pani Poni Dash or even Azumanga Daioh, then you are certainly headed in the right direction; take it a few more steps into the realms of the unreal, and you are getting hotter by the minute.

The story follows a hand full of students at the "Prefectual High School" through their average everyday lives, that are anything but average, or ordinary.

 The Oddity of Nichijou is not that just flat out odd occurrences happen, or that an android girl with a giant wind-up key in her back collides with a boy and a massive explosion erupts, never mind the fact that the eldest son of a farmer is seen arriving to school atop his goat; dressed as if he is the wealthiest and most up-tight of aristocracies.

Never mind any of that, and you'll soon begin to see the humorous appeal right away of this hair-brained comedy.

I'd like to tell you straight up that this is a show you can quite literally veg out to, but you won't need me to tell you that after the first 10 minutes; because chances are you will either have walked away with the same look on your face you had when you tried to sit through Lucky Star, or you'll be wishing that you already had the second and third episodes to watch.

The show has hilarious moments too, and while it won't do me any good naming the characters--I think it's best you figure them out for yourselves--you will certainly find them each to be astoundingly unique.

If you have survived the show long enough to get to the infamous wiener catching scene, then hopefully you will--like me--be rewarded with a huge side-splitting laugh that had me holding my stomach, and wondering how one squid shaped lunch object could stay aloft for such a long time without breaking the natural laws of gravity.

There are certainly dozens of tiny things to catch through out this first episode, and while like I said before the plot is pretty much gone with the proverbial wind; it at least does set up the fact that these passel of girls are on their first day of high school, and even though they don't really do anything spectacular--lest you count making it through the opening ceremony--it is at least consistent with all of the gags, and really doesn't leave you wondering where one funny moment left off, and why the next one has barged in.

Somethings however are just so mind altering random and freakishly bizarre that I have to wonder if the creator wasn't found face down beside a canister of gasoline, having sniffed himself stupid before going to work on some of this.

For example; the goat riding pretty-boy eldest son of the farmer family, is annoying, and obviously not just to me. One girl in particular has a method of dealing with his preppy wannabee ass by simply pulling some random firearm from her cartoon-style hammer-space and blowing him away like Dirty Harry.

Though do not be alarmed folks, the bullet to the forehead, and the splatter of blood, and the dying fall must have just been for dramatic effect, since he seems to recover, and pick up his snootiness almost immediately.

I really am not sure what to make of this first episode of Nichijou, on some level I m glad it's so weird and strange, and on the other I'm a little scared it may take off and be a huge hit and then everything Japan makes will be a carbon copy of this title. Dear God, let's not forget how long they drove the contortionist black haired ghost girl thing into the ground after the movie Ringu!

All in all though, it was a pretty fun watch; I felt entertained--which is pretty much all I ever expect from my anime--and I didn't need to fondle myself to remove any residual afterglow from seeing a show sporting too many boobs and panties.

I feel pretty sure that for right now, there aren't that many shows that can make a show where the androids wind-up key is solely for launching her big toe either... so on that note, I really do look forward to seeing what sort of insanity and chaos this thing will manage to unleash on the nerds of the world.

Now then, if you'll excuse me, I have a Mocha Java Chiller in my freezer calling out to me, louder than the next Dragon box volume, so while I go nom on that, you can go watch this show, or do something constructive that only nerds know how to do.