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How To Critique Anime and Manga - A Review of the Reviewers

So you want to be an anime and manga critic huh? Well, for all you professionals, semi-professionals, and just flat out posers, I've got your ticket, and I'm going to refrain from reviewing anime and manga, and instead review you, the reviewers.
Sounds crazy, and insane and stupid doesn't it? Well, when you stop giving a damn about what others think it makes it easy to write this garbage. LOL!
So I've been taking a long close inspection at the anime fandom, and what I've noticed is that everyone has an opinion, whether it be on manga, anime, subs, dubs or even the difference between Eastern and Western animation. Of course the internet is a huge freedom of speech playground; everyone has a voice, and all the nerds are in constant competition to be heard.
What baffles me is how all these nerds that struggle to be heard in the roar of posts, chats, message boards and YouTube comment boxes all seem to easily forget that their opinion isn't necessarily what everyone …

Powerpuff Girls Z - Episode 01

When you think of anime, it's often easy to disassociate it from American animation simply because of the avant guard nature of the entertainment medium, and while that is true for a lot of factors, one thing that will always remain the same is fan appeal. That thing that crosses all sorts of oceans to reach an audience that one may least expect.
This is what happened with Powerpuff Girls, an American animation that managed to not only strike a chord with American children, but took flight across the waters and landed securely in the waiting arms of Japan's eager viewers as well. To popularity so great it warranted its own iteration with a bit more regional flair, and Powerpuff Girls Z was born.
Warning Spoilers EPISODE 01: PART ONE
We begin this show with a couple of bumbling scientists(Professor Utonium and son)toiling away in their lab, and then within moments, blowing themselves nearly sky-high; and it isn't hard to determine very quickly that this show is going to have so…


For those that love a good Shojo manga read and want a simple uncomplicated plot, surrounded by absolutely cute characters and artwork should look no further than Daisy Yamada's 3 volume manga, Boyfriend. It's a typical romantic comic with abandoned love and unanswered confessions, and while it sports serious drama elements, it isn't one of those short jaunt manga series that feels too short for its own good.

Boyfriend revolves around new transfer student Hijiki Tachibana, who has transferred to the new school and a new town because of secrets that she isn't willing to share. In her first day she encounters a silently handsome boy named Hourai and the two seem to click instantly, though only later to find that the same boy who seemed so sweet and kind is an aggressive sulking student that keeps all the other classmates and teachers at arms length, though obviously a genius, and obviously a jerk.

It seems that for a brief moment, this is not a match made under the haven…

How To Get Otaku Friends

I'll be honest, you people are a freaking gold mine of great ideas... and like the last article, this one is also inspired by a "Keyword" search I discovered while checking the stats here on Western Otaku. Though this one may be something of a challenge than previous other articles.

The question was pretty much a simple one. "How To Get Otaku Friends?", and though the question was simple, the answer like most things is not.

Friendship like anything always starts from one of the most important and grounded rules; to have a friend, you must first be friendly. Not really an easy thing to do these days since so many people are either not really who they seem to be, or are merely posing as a friendly person on the world wide web.

One of the biggest setbacks to most otaku in general is going to be their attitude. You will either be presented with a fan of anime and manga that has an overwhelming sense of superiority, or is still firmly wedged in their "closet ot…

Summer Wars

There was absolutely nothing in the universe that could prepare me for the impact of Summer Wars, not the official trailers, not the nerds going back and forth on the internet fan-gushing till they were dizzy-headed; and certainly not the fact that it was made by some of my personal favorite anime creators in the industry right now. Nope, I was a complete noob wondering into my first BD viewing of this show, and now I am kicking myself hard in the back-side for not watching it sooner, and instead letting it sit on my shelf.

What started out as a purchase of whimsy has escalated into one of the best, if not the most enjoyable experiences of my fandom. Of course that is obviously saying a lot, since I hold dear to me most of the anime films of the past ten years; and few films have been able to topple one another save for the bitter rival of The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya and King of Thorn.

What I knew about Summer Wars was only what I had seen on the preview of anoth…

10,000 Hits and Vampires!

It's hard to believe that in less than a year the blog has gone from just a few meagerly hits to something much more. In fact it was as recent as early this year when Western Otaku obtained its first 5000 hits, and now here we are after having built some good momentum.

I know for a fact that it is because of the views and support of the readers, and it's because of you that I've been able to continue writing articles, and offering reviews and rants and raves on the various aspects of anime and manga.

As an offering to the readers I offer another review.

There are a few things that are consistent about most of the American TV audience, and that is our deep fascination with things monsters, vampires, and the undead. This fascination has spread it seems beyond our shores and has taken a deep root into the foreign minds of filmmakers, and of course that means anime and manga as well.

One notable anime of vampirizm has been Shiki, a complex …

Tenchi Muyo: The Battle Hymn of the Ryo-Ohki

First of all, I want to apologize to anyone that has had trouble viewing the latest blog post from a few days ago, as it seems that Blogger was having some technical difficulty, and the posts were temporarily removed... meh.

As a side effect of that, it seems that the comments suffered deletion, and I'm hoping that they will come back.


To celebrate the Tenchi Muyo Ryo-Ohki re-release next month, I sat down and wrote a little parody about the confusing mess that is often associate with the Tenchi Multi-verse. I for one am often thrown for a complete loop by the various spin-offs and sagas, and the difference between canon and non-canon, and of course the ever mentioned OVA 3. lol.

So to better elaborate on some the sheer lunacy I often feel, I recorded this song about the Tenchi-verse, and will share it with you all today. It's not the best thing I've ever recorded, and it's deliberately nerdish so just overlook any and all inco…

New Slayers - The Hourglass of Falces

Sometimes being a fan of a franchise means that we love something so much we get irritated and aggressive when the thing we love comes under threat, and often that goes to include threat from the thing itself.

It is probably no secret that I have been a pretty devout fan of the Slayers franchise for a while now, and I have yet to encounter an adventure or a piece of adventure that has failed me as a fan. That is, until I sat down to check out one of the latest manga versions.

Now, like a lot of other great franchises, Slayers is one that has burst out of its own developmental bracket, and has moved way beyond its own realms. We've seen Lina Inverse and Co. take on monsters in the future, in alternate timelines of famous events, and even go at it solo a bit. But there has always been a level of expectation that has gone hand in hand with any of the fantastical journeys of the magical heroine.

In 2008 a new manga was published in Kadokawa Shoten's Dragon Jr magazine, and it j…

The Evolution of Gainax

I was going through the search words again for the blog, and came across another gem that just begged for another write-up; and this time it isn't about dating Otaku Women, or subs versus dubs. It's about a topic that I have actually been pretty vocal about over the past four or five years, and it has to do with a particular pebble in my shoe; a company by the name of Gainax.

When I was a young fan of anime--by that I mean new to the fandom--I had heard the name, and marveled at the power they wielded over the anime industry; it seemed as if their influence was boundless. I mean, come on, they had created such instant classics as Evangelion and Gunbuster, these were the fans of anime that became their own creators of anime, and in less than a decade, their production company was a name known by almost any self-respecting fan of anime, both in the industry and out.

Unfortunately for me, I avoided most of those so called "Giants" of the anime industry, if not because o…

The Great Subbed vs Dubbed Debate

Sometimes it's not about whether a show is good, or bad, or even if you can follow along; sometimes it's just about the basic translation, and despite the total insanity and moronic ass-holery dip-shitting that usually comes from the fans of anime, the core of the Subbed vs Dubbed debate is about proper translation.

1.) Subs are superior to dubs simply because subs are closer to the exact translation of the series.

2.) Dubs are superior to subs, since it takes more talent to convey in spoken dialect the intent and meaning of the translation, and most people in America speak English.

The whole nut-shell argument about this debate is that fans that watch a subtitled anime are getting a more accurate translation of the series, and what the author/creator intended; as opposed to the dubbed fans, that get a mere interpretation of the series, which may or may not be subject to some voice actor's impression of the character/dialogue emotion etc.

Most fans that are pr…

Bleach: 16 to Thirty

Everything is falling apart, Rukia is taken, Ichigo has been near mortally wounded by soul reapers and is in the fight of his life to regain his spirit energy, and in a month's time Rukia will be executed for her crimes. It's a bleak time to be a fan of Bleach these days. But not to worry, because I am here to dance my way through these episodes and continue to offer my review on the series 15 episodes at a time!

One of the important things that I have to keep telling myself, is that Bleach is one of those shows that will have a lot of ups and downs, and that like any good action adventure series of any length, it will explore the dark side of the villains as well as that of the heroes. It isn't any set rule that it has to be funny and charming all the damn time. Is it?

While there are still some great and entertaining moments to be had, of the things that I should point out is that there seems to be a Spirit Energy explosion in almost everyone as a result, or indirect re…