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Fairies Have Tails?

Fairy Tail
By now, almost no fan of anime or manga hasn't heard the name somewhere at some point, or may have even seen the show, watched a clip, or experienced a few pages of the comic. For those of you that haven't, then you probably need to go ahead and smack your own forehead for me in an epic face-palming of super-galactic proportions. Then read on.

Fairy Tail began its life in 2006 by Hiro Mashima and since its initial publication the popularity has steadily grown. In 2009 Fairy Tail premiered in Japan as an anime series co-produced by A-1 Pictures and Satelite, and it seems as if the rest is history in the making.

Del-Rey had licensed the manga in North America, but the license was ended at the 12th volume; though now Kodansha USA Publishing has rescued the rights and has continued its release with the 14th volume scheduled for this month.

So what exactly is Fairy Tail about?

It's a series about Lucy Heartfilia, a 17 year old Celestial Spirit Mage that runs away from home with the dream of joining the magical guild Fairy Tail, and encounters one of its members--Natsu Dragneel--on his quest to find his foster parent and dragon named, Igneel.

Sure it sounds mundane, but I assure you the first episode is so loaded with action and humor and adventurous good stuff, that you hardly know where to rest your eyes from time to time.

It doesn't take long for Lucy to become a member of Fairy Tail, and eventually as a member begin taking on jobs.

Now the Mage Lore of the world of Fairy Tail is pretty deep, and there is a lot that I just don't have the time to go into, but to hit the high-points, I can say that magic is pretty much everywhere in the world.

It can be used in a number of ways, and by a lot of people. The most renown and respected are of course those that are members of a guild, and perform services for a fee. Much like bounty hunters, or mercenaries, and the jobs are so varying that it almost seems as if they skirt the law from time to time.

The complexity of the plot doesn't begin to manifest itself right away, and those that watch it for the first few episodes may not really see a connection between where the last episode left off, and the new one begins. But that's okay, don't get your anime panties up in a bunch, it's just a show, and not a matter for you to throw yourself on the floor and act like a child because you had some misconceived notions about what you thought it was going to be.

I am somewhat late to the party on this show, but not that late, as I have been keeping a close eye on it since its production was announced. Of course, now that the fan-base is firmly divided over that stupid idiotic "Anime VS Manga Vs Filler" bull-shit, I feel compelled to pick a side and make fun of the others. And wouldn't you know it, I sided with the anime to spite the manga flipping bastards.

I'm funny that way. Whenever someone screams "FILLER BAD!", I scream "GIVE ME MORE!" just to piss them off, and that makes me feel good. Because I enjoy what they cannot. It's like being able to eat kryptonite, and watching as they wither and melt. Good times, good times.

Anyway, like I was saying, the show has been airing on Crunchyroll for those that want to watch the latest episodes legally, and not dodge the law for their torrents, and just this year at some convention panel, the brains at FUNimation Entertainment announced their acquisition of the first 48 episodes of the series, that will probably see a dub and a release long after anyone gives a shit anymore, because they can't seem to keep up with all the titles that they've gorged their stomachs on!

The most disturbing thing about the acquisition, is the 48 episode thing. I know that most of the time, the Japanese license holders will not just hand over the whole shebang to a company--lest it fail miserably in the USA and the license go into limbo--but what the hell is with that?

I hate seeing half-assed work, and FUNimation has a notorious habit of dropping shows mid-stride at almost every turn, and let's not forget the delays, delays DELAYS!

It's to the point, I'd rather order the imports and just watch them raw than dick around waiting on FUNimation to record it, and distribute it.

But that's a rant for another time.

For right now, you can watch Fairy Tail on Hulu, and Crunchyroll. I'd suggest the FUNi portal, but their servers suck ass, and unless you have a Cray Supercomputer to decipher and process their site's weird-ass scripting, then you'll be waiting on the pages to load for a few days.

Good series, great cast of interesting characters... and I will slap the hell out of anyone that says it's a rip-off of One Piece... I hate that show, and hate you for making me mentioning its unholy name!

Until the next review, I'm gonna rub myself down with lotion and sit in the dark watching Galaxy Angel.


  1. I haven't sought out the anime as I've heard it further "kidifies" the manga story, something that I wouldn't be to keen on. :-/ I may give it a look-see, but II just can't get worked up about the anime though I do enjoy the manga.


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