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G-Maru Edition

Oh Eros!
What would you do if a strange artificial being from the future arrived at your door, and told you that they were your greatest fan? Or that in the future you are a literary genius? How about if they also told you instead of becoming a famous shojo mangaka, that you became a renown Ero Manga author?

Well, such is the premise of G-Maru Edition.

Still a high school student, Aruto Kaburagi dreams of becoming a famous shojo mangaka, and have her work serialized. Of course her dreams and road to fame are long and tiring, and though she spends a great deal of time pushing for time to draw, and submit, her world makes sense.

That is until G-Maru arrives from the future to bask in the glory of his all-time favorite author.

G-Maru is a robot from a future where people have cast off their human coils and taken up living in robotic bodies, and the future Japan is a society that has outlawed most all forms of erotic literature, making G-Maru's addiction to Aruto's works a collection of ills.

Upon arriving in the past, and meeting Aruto, G-Maru learns two terrible truths: Aruto is a girl, and Aruto has no intention of ever writing or drawing hentai.

Troubled that the future is in danger, G-Maru unleashes a barrage of tricks, devices and aides to assist Aruto on her path to becoming the greatest hentai mangaka ever.

The series was created by Mizuki Kawashita(Lilim Kiss, Ane Doki, Boku no Idol and Akane-chan Overdrive) and features a nice blend of humor and sight gags, while still managing to maintain an even balance of fan-service and story.

Some in series gags even reference the R-18 rating enforcement and G-Maru's future devices usually stop short of true erotica and are often force-censored at his dismay.

For the most of the first volume of the manga, nothing really happens to get us off the ground save for Aruto's manuscript accidentally being taken to a Ero Publisher by G-Maru, and the introduction of Aruto's classmate Tamazawa who is revealed to have a deep desire to become a fellow mangaka, and draw Yuri romance.

In the final chapter, Aurto manages to score an assistant gig for a writer that happens to be an ero mangaka, and desperate for the work she accepts and learns some practicality and hands on labor of making a manga and making its deadline.

G-Maru Edition has some laggy moments for the first few chapters, and then sort of settles into a comfort zone that hints at several chapters and volumes of hit and miss successes by both Aruto and G-Maru.

There isn't a lot to recommend about this series, unless one is interested in a humorous look at the ero manga industry from a beginner standpoint, and while the fan-service is a little racy at times, it isn't enough to actually cause great amounts of nosebleeds, so using this series as a palm-pilot is probably out.

I can pretty much only recommend this to those that just want to read a good funny and mildly perverse comic.

Granted it has some depth at times, and future volumes may delve deeper; for right now it's a 50/50 for the fans. Nothing about it really sings, and nothing about it really shines.

For a great example of Mizuki Kawashita's other works, I'd definitely recommend Akane-chan Overdrive. It show cases some very good humor, and makes serious points at the same time, while offering a little genderbending angst.


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