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She's Back!
Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water... oh man has that line gotten old. But not our love of the adorable blue squishy-haired cutie invader Ika Musume!

Announced in February (why in the hell do I get these memos so late?) in Weekly Shounen Champion, Ika Musume's second season has been green lit, and by the power of Merlin's Beard, we all want more!

I didn't jizz my pants when heard this news... I inked them! THEN I jizzed them!

With any luck we could--please don't quote me on that--get the second season as early as winter 2012, and my fingers and tentacles are crossed.

Those bastards at ANN reported that, Voice actress Rie Tanaka (Chizuru Aizawa) expressed surprise when a Twitter user congratulated her about the second season on Monday: "Huh? Where did you get that info?"

Also on the menu for this month is the next installment of those golden yellow boxes of goodness. I speak of course about Volume 6 of the Dragon Ball Z Dragon Boxes

You know you want this!!
My only real damage with the boxes is the lazy assed way that FUNimation Entertainment has been releasing them. I mean seriously people, if you postponed anything else any more, we'd be worrying about your financial future. Seems to me that the late great ADV did that, right before they announced a massive door shutting contest.

Anyway, enough about the dead, I'm too excited about the living. And DragonBox 6 is something that I have been waiting on for a long time now. All I have to do is convince my fiance that it would make a better investment than Harry Potter, and I'm all good.

For those of you that have been sharing rock dwelling space with Patrick Star, or are too busy pleasuring yourself with DBZ Kai, then let me let you in on what exactly we are all on about.

Yadda yadda, FUNimation screwed up almost all of their releases of DBZ, fans revolted. FUNimation releases fixed versions, more voice changes, the fans revolted. FUNimation makes the legendary orange(nothing rhymes with that!) brick boxes, and the fans revolted.

In short the fans have been revolting for years, disgusting as well, but revolting none-the-less.

In an attempt to save what little face FUNimation had left some genius at the helm of their acquisitions (ignore the angry screams from Sophie McNutt) was able to sweet talk Japan into forking over the boxes for American recreation.

These are not re-prints, these are replicas, and not exactly spot on with the originals, since the Japanese ones were in two massive sets, not 7.

Anyway, enough about that... I can tell your little nerdy eye balls are already tired from thinking about stuff beyond masturbation to your anime girls, so I'll move to something more stimulating.

Dude Looks Like A Lady!
It's called Mayo Chiki, and no it's not about mayonnaise or delicious sandwiches. It's about a butler, that is actually a girl. Hilarity, blah, blah, some fan service, and most likely those funny awkward moments we love in a good genderbent anime.

I'll be following this one, because well, I'm funny like that.