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15,000 Hits and Studio Ghibli!

First of all, it's been awesome that the blog has been getting continuous hits these days. I don't know what it is that keeps the readers coming back, what with my long absences and all, and I know it surely mustn't be for my witty a-hole remarks at times.

I am very pleased that we have survived so long, and have maintainted a relative high position as an Anime and Manga blog.

So thanks for the 15,000 hits, and I hope you keep coming back for more.
The Borrower Arrietty

There isn't a whole lot I can say about The Borrower Arrietty without getting too in depth of the story; but what I can say, is that it was a very refreshing and delightful watch.

I really enjoyed the depth perception of the film, and the use of accurate size reference. The score is amazing, and though the characters have a rather familiar feel to them, you quickly get lost in the world of the Borrowers.

The story isn't overly convoluted like a lot of anime movies, and the location pretty much never changes once we arrive at the house where Sho gets taken to await his upcoming heart surgery.

While there, Sho discovers Arrietty and her father "borrowing" from the house, and it doesn't take long for Arrietty's father to believe themselves in great peril from not only the boy, but the rest of the humans in the house.

Concerned that they may be the last of the borrowers in the world, Arriety's family must come to terms with their own future; the future of their kind, and the possibility that they may have to abandon their home to venture further out into the huge world.

The animation is brilliantly intoxicating to look at, and while the character designs look a little familiar to us, you won't be disappointed at the film in the least.

I would recommend The Borrower Arrietty over many of the shows and films being produced lately, and I would be more than happy to have a sit down and watch this with my family.

This is one film that I will want my kids to see.


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