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The Return of Shohan USA

For those that do not know, Western Otaku began its life as an off-shoot to Shohan USA; a community forum established in 2009 as a place for fan involvement in disscussing anime and manga. This blog was intended as a place where I could examine, indepth, the nuances of that medium, and offer a casual and entertaining look into the Western J-pop experience.

Sadly, Shohan USA began to suffer low hits and low member moral, and in late Spring of this year, was permenantly closed.

Do in part however to the overwhelming loyalty of some of its members, the forum was opened for limited use to only the members in mid June, and by the beginning of August, the traffic counts began to soar.

In a remarkable reversal, member posting began to once again climb, and the decision to reopen the forum was made.

Over the past week, staff members has revamped the entire layout of the message board, and have ensured that it not only runs smoother, but features many new additions to the already massive offerings for fans.

In an unprecedented turn, the staff has lifted the exclusion of guest posting, and has enabled a public chat presence on the forum. Members familiar with the site will notice the addition of expanded polls sections, as well as an all new anb modified Role Play area.

It goes without saying that Shohan USA has been greatly missed, and that its return is bigger and better than ever, as it will always remain this blog's bigger brother.

As a fan of anime and manga, you are encouraged to check it out, and join our community. We look forward to seeing you there!


  1. Weird. I signed up to is and it seems to not be open. What's going on?


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