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One Stormy Night Gets Anime

The Children's book One Stormy Night gets its anime debut, and surprisingly, it isn't a standard anime series fare. The proposed series will be entirely CG, and animated by Sparky Animation. The series is to be 52 11-minute episodes, and is to be helmed by Director Tetsuro Amino(Macross 7, Broken Blade). The anime will be co-produced by Duckbill Entertainment Inc., Baku Enterprise Inc., and Bandai Visual Co, as well as Sparky Animation, which is a CGI company located in Singapore.

The book, One Stormy Night has already been adapted into an animated film, before in 2005, and it received much acclaim. This however will be an extremely rare move to make an entire series however into CG, which is almost unprecedented.

The series is scheduled to premiere on TV Tokyo network in April of 2012.

The story of One Stormy Night is about a wolf and a goat that get caught in a storm and each take up refuge in the same run down shack. Because of the darkness, they neither one can make out the identity of the other, and since the wolf has caught a cold, does not smell the goat. The hours pass and the two pass their night in the shack talking about their favorite things, and each unaware that they are predator and prey, only getting small hints and clues as the night progresses, and brief flashes of lightning shed luminescence on their plight.