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20,000 Hits!!!

As Thanks for the Hits, Lina Has a Little Something for You...
For the past few days I've been watching the hit counter on the blog slowly make its way toward the twenty thousand mark, and I've been scratching my head and pondering about what i would write, and how I would react to those numbers.

I realize that for a lot of blogs and websites out there on the internet, there are more visits, and more hits, and that's more than fine. I'm not really worried about competing with the giants of the blogosphere. I'm just beside myself with gratitude and appreciation for all the views that I do have, and that this blog has made it not only this far, but lasted this long.

I started the blog from a desire to rant, and rave; later it turned into a desire to educate and entertain. I feel that on some small level I have done that, and if in anyway one of you readers have come away from an article, or a post thinking about things for longer than a fleeting moment, then I'll take that as a resounding success. I would have certainly never guessed that not only would I be here, thanking you for keeping this blog going, but to know that it is in the top 100 blogs rated for anime.

I'm so very happy that you keep coming back, and as long as you do, I'll keep writing, and ranting, and raving, and bringing an entertaining spin on the greatest of all fandoms, the world over.

Thank you all so very much.