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More Hellsing Ultimate

I'm sure you were right there with me a couple of years ago when you got to the end of the first four Hellsing Ultimate OVAs, strummed your fingers and wondered where in the name of Zeus's butthole OVAs 5, 6, and 7 were at. We all knew good and well that the Major's speech at the end of OVA 4 was the prelude to yet another round of OVAs, and yet FUNimation it seemed only had the four that they picked up from Geneon. Then last July, I'm sure we all remember cheering absurdly when FUNimation announced that they had gotten the license to those mythic OVAs and all seemed right with the world of anime. At least until the waiting game began.

Well, it seems that instead of getting the OVAs between last July and now, what we've gotten from FUNimation Entertainment is yet another announcement of acquisition. 

That's right, FUNimation Entertainment announced last week that they had acquired the latest OVA 8 of Hellsing Ultimate, and were going to finally start the process of releasing them. Now this OVA which is apparently the first OVA in the last arc of the season will be followed by two more OVAs and then the series is over. Or I guess we could put it in easier to understand language.

This is the final season of Hellsing Ultimate, and OVA 8 marks the beginning of the last season. Well, crap, that still sounds stupidly complicated. I guess the short and long of it, is that there are only a couple of OVAs left and then it's over.

FUNimation did say that they were going to be using the original cast for the dub, which I'm sure wasn't that hard of a decision for them, since the whole purpose of redoing the Hellsing series to begin with was to make it more accurate, and the voices work was so good, that even the slightest change would mean disaster.

Though the announcement did say that FUNimation was going to begin immediately releasing the OVAs now that it had the 8th one, it still seems a bit lazy that the license has just sat on their cellar floor for a year and four months withering before they make an attempt to begin the dubbing process. 

I wouldn't be surprised if we don't get another North American release of Hellsing Ultimate until mid Summer or early fall of next year. If you take into consideration FUNimation's time-lag phenomenon with regards to their acquisitions to release schedule.

I say, set your phasers to Snooze, and just relax... we could once again, be here a while.