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Negima Movie: The Akamatsu Cut

It's come down through the pipeline that the final Negima film has been extended with modified dialogue for the upcoming 37th volume of the manga. Akamatsu has reportedly stated that he changed some of the dialogue for the release in an attempt to have the characters speak more intelligenT, as well as supervise the addition of more than 40 minutes of additional footage.

This final film project for the hit anime will depict the graduation of the class, and with any luck wrap up the series in such a way that further productions are impossible.

I for one lost a lot of interest in Negima somewhere after the remake series Negima!? and the overwhelming surge of fan-gasming that ensued around that time. So the idea that this series or even the manga will be drawing to a close brings a smile to my face, and I've noted on more than one occasion that Ken Akamatsu has lost his mind, and drove his own creation into the ground long, long ago.

Since reading the manga was never a high priority for me, the series has been in a sort of perpetual limbo once I concluded my viewing of the remake; and though I've tried to watch the OVAs and OADs the fact that they were based on material so far ahead in the manga made them more or less unintelligible to me, and made no sense. So it's a safe bet, that this final film will be just as incoherent to anyone that has not read up on the massive manga.

With any luck Akamatsu can start wrapping this beast up, and move on to something else.