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Ranma 1/2 Live Action Special to Air

In December of this year, a special Live Action Ranma 1/2 will be aired in Japan. Sure I realize that the information is probably old hat now, but for a lot of us out there that are fans of the original and or unprecedented genderbender fighter anime, this comes as fresh and exciting news.

The move to make the special is from a desire to generate more interest in the manga series, and certainly they are going to do that. Not only did they manage to find actors that match their animated counter-parts, but the news comes as a sigh of relief after so many failed films and TV adaptations.

The real trick now, is if, this version of Ranma will be a good enough actors to pull off the role. It's some pretty big shoes to fill. Additionally, I'm hoping that the special won't end up making a mockery of the show, though the truth be told, there were times it managed to that just fine on its own.

Click below for more pictures of the cast!

You can see even more cast photos here! >> CLICK <<


  1. oooh :3

    I didn't know.. definitly have to watch it ^.^

    like your blog tooo ~


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