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Shane Save The World - Death Note Film

During a panel at Comic Con, director Shane Black(Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang; Iron Man3) talked about some of the planned changes that Warner intended for the acquired Death Note live-action film. Among the most critical of changes were to the character of Light Yagami, whose motivation to use the Note, would come from a sense of revenge, which would be solidified using a flashback to show the death of a close friend.

Black opposed the changes, and made it clear that they were not part of his version of the film, should it recieve a green light for production. Other notable changes would also include the removal of the Shinigami altogether.

Personally, I'm not a very big fan of Death Note, and have done much in my power to stay clear of it. But I am a fan of Shane Black's work, and should he get his way, and not allow the people at Warner to muscle over him, I might be willing to give the adapted film a go.