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What If It Was Anime? - My Little Pony

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
So by now you've probably been exposed to the fandemic of Hasbro's revamp of the popular children's show My Little Pony, and if you haven't, well, it's quite possible that you've been living under a rock somewhere. In all likelihood if you don't know someone that is a "Brony"(that's a non-gendered term for full-out fan of the series), then someone you know knows someone that is.

The popularity of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has escalated so much over the past year, that it has spawned thousands of Fan-Fictions, thousands of Memes, and almost a million Pics of varying degrees of innuendo and sultry stuff. Shipping in this fandom is almost a must, and it isn't improbable to see some form of its influence around almost every corner of the internet.

So how does one show that was originally targeted for little kids back in the 1980s go from being your sister's forte to a world wide phenomenon? And believe me when I say that it's world-wide. I recently experienced a massive bidding war on eBay over some German Ponyville figures, and everyone walked away from that one a little burnt.

One of the biggest reasons that the show has garnered the popularity it has, is because of great and creative minds that the folks at Hasbro hired to revamp the series, and thanks to the loving attention of the series creator Lauren Faust, the show managed to do something beyond the expectation of everyone involved. It broke the framework of its own genre and amassed an audience almost as diversified and unique as any in the anime and manga community.

In fact, the reason I posed the question at the start of this article, was because it isn't unlikely that many fans of anime are also fans of MLP, and those that aren't are like I said before, probably acquaintances with someone that is, or knows someone that is.

Upon first look, there isn't really anything all that special about a show focused on the happenings of a bunch of girl ponies that have marshmallow feet, and are animated using the most advanced flash techniques that money can't buy. But upon a closer inspection, and provided you haven't let the fear of social stigma render you incapable of pressing the channel button that the show is featured on, you'll notice something that this show has a lot of. humor, and depth.

My Little Pony as an Anime
Many of the shows that we watch as Otaku are filled with much of the same humor, the same level of creative writing, and the exacting knowledge of what fans want to see, and for once, a show that isn't anime comes along to pass on the high level of fan expectation to a generation of fans that never knew what they might be missing.

So, what would this show be if it were not a show about multi-colored ponies that have adventures, and learn real honest to goodness lessons about friendship? What sort of an audience would it have if it suddenly changed over-night, and became the latest anime release streamed from Japan, and then licensed and distributed by a North American company?

The first thing, is that the series would change it's amount of questionable content.

For those that do not know, the MLP: FiM show is strictly regulated, and much of its content falls under the scrutiny of a board of people who evaluate the E/I content to make sure that it adheres to the guidelines that having that rating carries. So without the restrictions of an Educational and Informational rating, the new anime version would be at more liberty to perhaps pursue more of the things that make anime work.

If anything, what would change right away, is that the series would no longer have anthropomorphic creatures/ponies as the stars of its new show. They would be dropped in exchange for either Uma-Mimi (Horse-Ear) pony-girl versions of the characters, or would just go straight to having them be super-cute middle-school girls with a wide array of Japanified personalities.

Another major change would be the plot, which would focus more on the original intent of FiM and more than likely center on the magical girl aspect that Hasbro more or less shot down in favor of an episodic adventure series, rather than one that had a recurring and consistent theme, aside from Twilight Sparkle's writing life lesson letters of friendship to the Princess on a weekly basis.

It would also be safe to say that if My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic were to have been made as an anime, the yuri aspect would be in full throttle. The select fan-boys out there that love a good Rainbow Dash shipping would be no doubt thrilled to have her behave more like the vag-hound, a hip stylish anime adaptation would bring, and the fan service would be a must.

Lastly, the show would have angst. Oh yes, those moments in a lead character's life that either make no sense, make or break them, and have the said character—Twilight Sparkle in this case—going emo over the direction her life is seeming to head. Top that all off with a heavy helping of hero worship for a Princess that would hardly notice her, a few episodes that focus on the additional and supportive characters, some more innuendo, and finish the entire series with something like the same sound you get, when you let the air out a balloon, while squeezing the end together, and you'll have the final product.

All in all, it's safe to say that no matter how much we might would like to see an anime adaptation of MLP, the consequences of such an action would be dire, to say the least.

I'll just be grateful for the show as is, and despite the social stigma, the harsh comments from the naysayers, and the eyerolls from the side-lines, I'm going to enjoy this amazingly original take on a classic show. It might would make for a nice anime someday, just not today.


  1. If those are the changes that would happen then yes, I'm very glad MLP:FIM isn't an anime and I would never want to see an anime adaptation. But consider the alternative to your theory - if we start out with a different premise then we get a different conclusion. Instead of a generic shounen/seinen anime with a half-hearted attempt at being vaguely similar to MLP, suppose that our hypothetical MLP anime were, as the real show is, a shoujo anime in the magical girl genre - about talking ponies. All your fears are invalid if we remember that an anime version of My Little Pony would be... an anime version of My Little Pony. Think more Powerpuff Girls Z.
    I'm not going to push for an anime adaptation because adaptations are rarely as good as the originals, but in wondering what it would be like "if it were anime" there is no reason to think it would be any less awesome. Who knows, it might even have been %20 cooler...


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