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WO Examines: Yuki Nagato Figure

Yuki Nagato is hardly my favorite character in The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, as much as she is my favorite piece of SOS brigade furniture. She’s reserved, only speaking when it’s absolutely necessary, and she keeps her robotic disposition even in the most thrilling of circumstances. That being said, when I saw the Yuki Nagato Fraulein Revoltech I had to pick it up as a lover of all things Haruhi and the Revoltech line.

One thing really stands out above everything else in this set. The Extras. Oh man, the extras. Opening up the box, accessories literally fall out of the package. In almost every Revoltech set that I have seen, the extra sets of hands sit in slots on the plastic tray, but with Nagato they have been confined to a plastic bag on the underside of the tray in order to make room for everything else. Nagato comes with practically everything associated with her in the show, including her fortune-teller costume, the talking cat that sits on her shoulder, a wand, a guitar, a book, a sign, and even an extra pair of shoes. In terms of extra goodies, Nagato seems tough to beat.

Nagato comes with an extra face, just as any other human Revoltech does, but it would have been nice to receive a different face. What initially seemed to be an identical copy of the first face turned out to only be an extremely similar copy of the first face. The only true difference seems to be the fact that the replacement face peers to the left, so I didn’t even bother showcasing it in the pictures. Ultimately, I attribute it to the fact that Nagato wears a single expression for the entirety of the show, but she has to have had a different expression at least once, right? A smile… or maybe… maybe not.

Actually posing the figure is pretty straightforward to anybody that has fooled around with Revoltech style joints before. At times it can be quite simple; other times the pieces just don’t want to go into the positions you want them in. Nagato’s cape severely limits the movement of her arms, as it is a big hunk of plastic. Her hat poses a similar problem with her head. It’s pretty tedious to sit the hat on top of her head and get it to remain there, since the inside is grooved to fit her hair at a specific angle.

Overall, the figure is a pretty solid release, and wouldn’t look bad on any fan’s shelf. Nagato’s sculpt is spot on, and she can be displayed in quite a variety of ways with all of the accessories included. While some items limit her mobility, it works with Nagato, since she isn’t a very dynamic character anyway. If you are a lover of Revoltech as I am, Nagato is definitely worth the average cost of a Revoltech.

On a side note:

One extra thing caught my eye. Of all of the hands that come with Nagato, one of them is Haruhi’s famous pointing hand. It’s kind of surprising, because I can’t remember Nagato doing anything like it, nor can I imagine her ever doing so. Well, one thing led to another, and now I have to apologize to the anime community. I’m sorry, but I present you with Yuki Suzumiya.

Submitted by: Sabre