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The Wonderful World of WO: The Con Sort

Ah yes, well... I suppose that this sums up a lot of norms for people that go to conventions, I for one have done a fine job of steering clear of my fandom's wackos, but the truth be told, I've encountered my fair share in the anime section of the local entertainment stores plenty.

Anyway, since my computer has been something on the blitz, and I've spent way too much time killing things and collecting treasure in Skyrim, I figured I'd appease you all with a little bit of humor.

I think I could spot a few of these people amongst my close friends and family... not sure if that is a good thing or not. Though I do wonder which one of these people is me.


  1. I've been to over 2 dozen cons and that really does wrap up everyone except the rabid cosplayer or the crossplayers.


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