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You Can (Not) Redo

In a tidbit of news, the subtitle of the upcoming Evangelion 3.0 film has been revealed to be "You Can (Not) Redo". Currently, the film is scheduled for theatrical release in the fall of 2012.
This is the 3rd film in the Evangelion Rebuild series, with the 4th concluding the series.

GAINAX Strikes Back: A Look at Medaka Box

Ive been wondering what had become of the GAINAX over this past year, and now I see they have been working on another anime.

Medaka Box is that new project, and interestingly enough, it isn't so much of an original for GAINAX, but that doesn't mean that they won't find some way to foul it up as soon as they got their hands on it.

Scheduled to air in April of 2012, Medaka Box follows the adventures of Student Council President Medaka Kurokami, and her suggestion box, that she uses to get feedback from the students to help her improve the overall quality of the school, and she works to make them happen, be it finding lost pets, helping attitudes, or fixing up the club rooms.

Brave 10 Trailer Streamed

holy crap has it been a long weekend, and to top it all off, at the start of the first work day back, I came down with a terrible cold, which gradually worked its way into a full-fledged sinus infection, so if all goes according to plan, I'll be sick again this New Years, just like last New Years... gotta keep those traditions going right?

Anyway, enough about my grossness, it's time to discuss the anime and stuff.

Here is one of the new trailers for the upcoming anime, Brave 10, and you know what, it really, really looks good. I am thinking it reminds me a little of Samurai 7 meets Bleach only without the holding back.

I'm excited for this, I know that you are excited for this, and if you're not, then well, slap some sense into yourself, cause I'm too tired to.

Dragon Age Anime Trailer


Dear lord, it's happened. And we all probably thought that if we ignored FUNimation's idiot child talk more than a year ago, then this piece of trash would never see the light of day. Well, wrong.

Apparently the film now has a full run trailer, which means that it's either nearing completion, or it is already finished. In which case, God help us all! Because from the looks of this trailer, they just ruined a best-selling franchise for about a million fans, and they've successfully made it plain, that FUNimation should have stayed in the distribution business, rather than the anime making/producing business, and be any where near this ilk.

Anime Artisans: 004 - Strawberry Literature?

It's a common fact that "cute", "adorable", and "sweet" are many of the words that come to mind when I think of Strawberry Marshmallow, so it's no surprise that this picture captures all of that and then some.

Now that the holidays are over, it's time to get back to some sense of normalcy around here, and what better way to kick off the next week, that with some Ichigo (Strawberry)?

My question though, is what the heck are they doing with that massive pile of books? It's obviously not just any light reading going on.

AMV Corner: Merry Christmas ~ Haruhi Suzumiya Style

I hope everyone is having a safe and great Holiday time, it's really late, here, and I thought I would sneak in with a little Christmas Cheering anime music video featuring our favorite North Side High School girl, Haruhi Suzumiya!

WO Reviews: Lost Universe

First of all, apologies for taking so long in getting anything written on here for the past couple of days; it's been a long week, and with Christmas just a few days away, I've been doing a lot of last minute stuff not only off-line, but between the two blogs as well.

Anyway, let's get right to it, shall we?

This is one of those shows that has garnered a lot of its popularity courtesy of its bigger sister series franchise, Slayers and while the look of Lost Universe is very much on par with that of the other superior Kanzaka effort, the sad fact is that Lost Universe is definitely lacking in many departments.

While the show is a flip-side to everything that Slayers is, it differs greatly in several regards. The most notable is the timing of the show, but I'll get into that a little later.

Ika Musume Christmas Style

It's Christmas time, and to celebrate this season, we've got another great anime Christmas pic.

It's Ika Musume, all ready to hand out some gift in her bag, and spread some De Geso all over the world.

Another TV Trailer

It's finally time we get to see what this anime looks like, and hopefully this trailer won't disappoint anyone.

Another TV is scheduled to premiere in January, and from the looks of it, it's going to be an interesting thriller.

WO Reviews: Hetalia: Paint It, White!

Hetalia is a series that I had come to enjoy over the course of 52 bite-sized episodes, for a number of reasons. I was a fan of the stereotypically quirky characters that each embody a different country, the historical nods, and the context notes that often made me a bit more historically aware. It’s by no means an excellent series by my standards, but it was worth the laughs that I got out of it. How does the movie compare to the series?
Not very well, I’d say. The film tries to transform a show composed of several mini-skits within each 5-minute episode into a full-length movie. The movie adaptation attempts a plot, something that was rarely attempted within the show, through the creation of ambiguous alien invaders. The premise of the movie revolves around these invaders, and their transformation of the earth and it’s people into white blobs. This forces the axis and allied countries to band together, which I suppose was the ultimate reasoning behind the appearance of Aliens in a …

Rurouni Kenshin Live Action Preview

Well, it has been confirmed that Takeru Satoh is to play the legendary samurai Kenshin, and the project is to be directed by Keishi Otomo.

Here's a sneak preview at the new film, that will be premiering in Japan in August 25, 2012.

You can see the trailer blow after the page break.

Western Otaku Is Now A Net

In case you haven't noticed, Western Otaku has made a few changes yesterday. The most notable of those being the new domain.
Since the blog has been doing so well, and the traffic count has been getting higher each day, I didn't see any reason not to go ahead and give the blog an official site url.
So as an early Christmas present to myself, I secured the name, and Western Otaku now has a nice nifty "dot net" after it.
Of course you can still access the site with the "blogspot" suffix, but that's no longer necessary.
Thanks again to all the readers that have made this blog so successful and popular.

Phoenix Wright Live Action Trailer 2

Well, the new live action Phoenix Wright film is getting another trailer for the viewers, and no doubt they are stoked for this interpretation from legendary filmmaker Takashi Miike.

The basic premise of this version of Wright is that the film takes place in an alternate universe Japan with increased crime, and where the judicial system has a whopping three days to battle out the court cases as hard and fast as possible to make a conviction, or prove an innocence, and so the emphasis of the system is speed, and not good investigation.

You can see the second trailer below.

What Foods Do You Most Want To Eat?

So as it happens, there was a poll from late October to early November by Goo, wanting to know what anime or manga foods the fans would be most interested in trying.

Of course the results were oddly sporadic.

Of the more than 20,000 votes cast, there was interesting top five foods, and most of which I have never heard of before.

I guess it goes to show, that anime and manga has more food in it than I originally thought, or else I need to get with the program better, and start paying closer attention.

You can see the results below.

Bakuman Secures a 3rd Season

The popular TV anime Bakuman, based on the manga of the same name, will receive a 3rd anime adaptation next fall. The series revolves around amateur mangaka struggling to break into the professional manga industry by getting their work published in Shonen Jump Weekly. Currently, the anime is in it's second season, which has been airing for the last few months.

The confirmation of a third season gives me faith in the success of the series. It looks as though the anime may continue in this cyclic renewal, rather than endure the constant weekly broadcasts that typically result in sluggish plot development and excessive filler episodes.

Domestically, the first 8 manga volumes of Bakuman are readily available on bookstore shelves, and the first DVD of the anime adaptation was released last month. As more of the series is on the way for both mediums, fans interested in the series will probably want to check it out soon.

Battle Royale BD

It's been long in coming. Too long it seems, but Battle Royale has finally got a difinitive bluray release.

According to retail stores, the release is scheduled for March 20, 2012. And that's not all. It seems that a 4 disc set is also listed, which will include both a theatrical and extended cut of the film, as well as the film Battle Royale II.

I'm thrilled at this news, since it means I can finally put my region 2 import away, and maybe catch the continued action of the sequel.

Anime Artisans: 003 - The Humanoid Typhoon

Well, I'm almost finished watching Trigun, and even though, I could have used a different subject for this Artisan post, I just have to give another pic of him at his absolute coolest.

I really love the look of the arm for this picture too, it makes it seem harshly contrary to the bright colors of the rest of the image.

The Wolf Children Ame and Yuki Announced

Director Mamoru Hosoda(Girl Who Lept Through Time, Summer Wars) has announced a new film project that will be finished in time for next summer, The Wolf Children Ame and Yuki.
It's the story of Hana, a college student that falls in love with an Okami and the two eventually have a family, though when the father dies, the Hana makes the choice to further shelter her wolf children by taking them into the rural country.
There isn't much to go on for now, but the idea behind the film is original, and I for one really want to see what Hosoda can come up with after the breathtaking master work of Summer Wars.

Haruhi Figures and Coffee?

Now I'm all for getting cool stuff bundled with things, and I'd imagine that getting some Haruhi swag with some nifty bundles of stuff would make me really happy. But this is not exactly the sort of thing that I was expecting. Haruhi and Coffee? Seriously?

Well, why the hell not?

Asahi Soft Drinks, the makers of Wonda Morning Shot, announced that they were going to be offering three dimensional Haruhi figures with their product, starting December 20th. There were going to be limited to pretty much one store, and while supplies lasted.

From what I gather, there are only five figures that are going to be available; Sasaki, Yuki Nagato, and Mikuru Asahina, and of course two of Haruhi.

So if you are a major collector, or just have a huge jones for Haruhi, then get a buddy in Japan to buy you an early Christmas gift.

Familiar of Zero Final Season Trailer

The final season of Familiar of Zero gets a preview, and the fans no doubt are going wild over it. I of course wrapped up my viewing of this series after season 1, and that was enough for me. But to all the fans that are looking forward to it, here's the 33 second trailer, and there is more to follow after the page break.

Christmas Anime Style

It's time for that one thing that we all love, Christmas! And what better way to celebrate, than with bringing the other thing we love and dressing it up with some fantastic holiday cheer?

I'm speaking of course about Anime, and what anime fan wouldn't want to combine the two?

So here's some anime Christmas, Powerpuff Girls Z style!

House of Five Leaves is finally getting a North American release, and it's none other than NIS that is bringing this anime home to us. It's exciting when-ever I hear about a great received anime getting a great edition released.

Of course the set is going to feature the limited edition treatment, and get all that great swag that we've come to expect from NIS box-sets.

Fans can get this release March 6, 2012.

Anime Artisans: 002 - Usagi & Madoka

Well, I have to apologize for the long delay in getting some updates on here but these holidays are not being all that kind to me, and making some huge demands on my shopping needs. Not to mention that I am looking to decide between a "Kindle Fire" or a "Vizio Tablet" for some of my needs. Anyway, here's some art I hope you like, even if Sailor moon is clearly the superior of the two. LOL.

Ano Natsu de Matteru Teaser Trailer

Yay for more new announcements and shows from Japan!

Here's the official Teaser for Ano Natsu de Matteru... it'll be broadcasting on January 9th in Japan.

Savanna Game Anime Announced

You may not be familiar with it, and in fact you may not have even heard of it, but the action fantasy cell phone novel Savanna Game has finally be made into an anime. Yeah, you heard right... it was a cell phone novel.

Shogakukan Creative announced that they intend to take Ransuke Kuroi's novel and adapt it into an anime. This after they published Savanna Game into print form last month.

The story is pretty cut a dry, though it does have some interesting ideas behind it.

It's about three guys that take part in a government sponsored game, where they not only have to battle to the death, but battle people across space-time, and throughout history as well.

It doesn't sound like something that just anyone could pull off, but then I've seen some pretty impressive anime story-telling these past couple of years, so it's anyone's guess.

There is no word yet on any sort of release, c'mon, it was just announced people!

A Letter To Momo Extended Trailer

I just caught wind of this new trailer this morning, and thought it would be a good idea to put it up on the blog. Especially since this looks to be one of the more promising anime movies I've been hearing about in the "up coming" list.
Of course, I already ran through the synopsis for the Momo movie the last time I posted about it, but for those that are needing a refresher, there is some info on Wikipedia.
Anyway, here is the extended preview, I hope you enjoy it. I know this is high on my to watch list.

Final Fantasy VII Fan Remake

There is always a fine line between endeavor and over-achievement, and for some odd reason, I'm thinking this is not that big of a reach or stretch for the fans that are working on this.

We've been wanting a total revamp of FF7 since we saw some of the early footage of Advent Children, and this is only going to make the fans scream for more. I mean, come on... if a fan can do something this good, then imagine how awesome a SquareEnix revamp would be.

I'm just saying.

Anyway, if you want to see the video of which I speak, you can see it by clicking below.

Gorillaz Get 10th Anniversary Special

In celebration of their 10th anniversary "Singles Collection 2001 - 2011", manga artist Tite Kubo has drawn the group in his special unique style. Kubo has been a fan of the Gorillaz since their beginnings, and has even offered a bit of a write up for the occasion.
"The impact from "Clint Eastwood" still lingers 10 years on.

In the same year I started to draw my current work, Gorillaz released the 1st album.

For these 10 years, Gorillaz have remained very special to me.

They will continue to do so for the next 10.

Before the next 10 years begin, I need to listen to this album.

Thanks Gorillaz. All the best for the next 10 years."
You can see the site here )))CLICKY(((

Kill Me Baby! Trailer

Well the moe hitman anime of the new season just got a preview trailer streamed, and you can check that wacky awesomeness out by clicking the doo-hickey down there!

And is it just me, or does this look like an adorably cute and demented anime?

I guess only time will tell, but one thing is for sure January 5th, the confirmed broadcast date, can't come quick enough.

What If It Was Anime? - The A-Team

It's time for another rousing round of fantasy what if, as we explore the possibilities of what an anime series would be like, if it were based on a North American franchise or title.
This time, I was thinking about the possibilities of what an anime version of the blockbuster hit A-Team would be like, and despite my initial squirming and flailing, it doesn't seem like it would be all that terrible of an idea at all really.
Now the for those of you that have not seem the original TV series that the 2010 film is based on, then allow me to briefly catch you up on the action.