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Bakuman Secures a 3rd Season

The popular TV anime Bakuman, based on the manga of the same name, will receive a 3rd anime adaptation next fall. The series revolves around amateur mangaka struggling to break into the professional manga industry by getting their work published in Shonen Jump Weekly. Currently, the anime is in it's second season, which has been airing for the last few months.

The confirmation of a third season gives me faith in the success of the series. It looks as though the anime may continue in this cyclic renewal, rather than endure the constant weekly broadcasts that typically result in sluggish plot development and excessive filler episodes.

Domestically, the first 8 manga volumes of Bakuman are readily available on bookstore shelves, and the first DVD of the anime adaptation was released last month. As more of the series is on the way for both mediums, fans interested in the series will probably want to check it out soon.