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Dragon Age Anime Trailer


Dear lord, it's happened. And we all probably thought that if we ignored FUNimation's idiot child talk more than a year ago, then this piece of trash would never see the light of day. Well, wrong.

Apparently the film now has a full run trailer, which means that it's either nearing completion, or it is already finished. In which case, God help us all! Because from the looks of this trailer, they just ruined a best-selling franchise for about a million fans, and they've successfully made it plain, that FUNimation should have stayed in the distribution business, rather than the anime making/producing business, and be any where near this ilk.

The comment sections from the game community has already started crying foul at the top of their lungs, the people that like anime are crying foul, and not only is this trailer providing a first hand look at what the anime fans and the gamer fans don't want, it possibly even have a terrible backlash for BioWare, the creators of the game franchise.

From the looks of the trailer, the CG is inconsistent, the sound is totally off, and the whole approach to the film, makes it look like a violent exploitation film, that focuses too much on slashing and blood spray than a deeply rich adventure, which the games were.

It's your call people. But I predict this to be the first of many last attempts by FUNimation to create original anime, and a film that will tank poorly in the North American fanbase.