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Haruhi Figures and Coffee?


Now I'm all for getting cool stuff bundled with things, and I'd imagine that getting some Haruhi swag with some nifty bundles of stuff would make me really happy. But this is not exactly the sort of thing that I was expecting. Haruhi and Coffee? Seriously?

Well, why the hell not?

Asahi Soft Drinks, the makers of Wonda Morning Shot, announced that they were going to be offering three dimensional Haruhi figures with their product, starting December 20th. There were going to be limited to pretty much one store, and while supplies lasted.

From what I gather, there are only five figures that are going to be available; Sasaki, Yuki Nagato, and Mikuru Asahina, and of course two of Haruhi.

So if you are a major collector, or just have a huge jones for Haruhi, then get a buddy in Japan to buy you an early Christmas gift.