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Savanna Game Anime Announced

You may not be familiar with it, and in fact you may not have even heard of it, but the action fantasy cell phone novel Savanna Game has finally be made into an anime. Yeah, you heard right... it was a cell phone novel.

Shogakukan Creative announced that they intend to take Ransuke Kuroi's novel and adapt it into an anime. This after they published Savanna Game into print form last month.

The story is pretty cut a dry, though it does have some interesting ideas behind it.

It's about three guys that take part in a government sponsored game, where they not only have to battle to the death, but battle people across space-time, and throughout history as well.

It doesn't sound like something that just anyone could pull off, but then I've seen some pretty impressive anime story-telling these past couple of years, so it's anyone's guess.

There is no word yet on any sort of release, c'mon, it was just announced people!


  1. Hey...Where can I read the novel of Savanna Game??

  2. As far as I know, there has been no English license of the novel, outside of Japan.


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