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What If It Was Anime? - The A-Team

It's time for another rousing round of fantasy what if, as we explore the possibilities of what an anime series would be like, if it were based on a North American franchise or title.

This time, I was thinking about the possibilities of what an anime version of the blockbuster hit A-Team would be like, and despite my initial squirming and flailing, it doesn't seem like it would be all that terrible of an idea at all really.

Now the for those of you that have not seem the original TV series that the 2010 film is based on, then allow me to briefly catch you up on the action.

The whole premise of The A Team is that four solders were wrongly convicted of a crime during their time in the military, and as such they were tried and convicted. It's pretty standard fare, since we probably wouldn't want to watch a show where they actually did commit the crime...

Anyway, the four were sentenced to maximum security prison and promptly escaped, where they now run from the military police while trying to clear their names. Along the way, they encounter people in their path that they help, and using their masterful skills of "Fly-by-the-seat-of-their-pants" ingenuity, they overcome a lot of seemingly impossible challenges, and make harrowing escaped after another.

The actual Alpha Team consists of four characters: Colonel Smith, Captain Murdock, Face, and B.A. Baracus.

The Television show was good for its time, and it managed to hang on for a while, while maintaining an "adventure of the week" feel. That of course could not have translated well into a full-length action film, and so when the powers that be adapted the show into a stand-alone film, it focused more on the actual A-Team members and their attempting to clear their names, by finding the party responsible for their incarceration.

Anime over the years has come a long way in how it tells a good story, and while there are still some really slow paced shows that grind endlessly at the cogs, there are some really good, and well made anime that can adequately convey the premise of the script.

If by some miraculous chance, The A-Team were to get made into an anime, it would probably be something that only a few studios would be able to make it worthy of the great classic that it has become.

Of those, I would chance to say that either Madhouse or even Production IG would be the best choices of what I've seen out there.

I would have concerns though that the seriousness of the TV show would be replaced with more zany characters. That while the character of Murdock is wild and crazy, the studios would possibly feel a need to round out his persona with yet another twitchy or stereotypical archetype role that abundantly grace almost every anime.

The great thing that could come from an anime adaptation, is that under the right circumstances, the story could be expanded to include more character development, and that would always be a good thing, since one thing that the fans of the show would always want is more of the characters that they love.
One thing is for sure, the fans love the characters, and if handled correctly, then not only would the show be action, adventure, and comedy, it would also have a certain depth.

So the sacrifice would come about by changing the blatant American intent of the show to a more Japanese centered one, but would offer more in the long run.

I think The A-Team would be ripe for an adaptation, even given the disadvantages of the format, and the changes that would no doubt ensure.