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G-Maru Edition

What would you do if a strange artificial being from the future arrived at your door, and told you that they were your greatest fan? Or that in the future you are a literary genius? How about if they also told you instead of becoming a famous shojo mangaka, that you became a renown Ero Manga author?

Well, such is the premise of G-Maru Edition.

Still a high school student, Aruto Kaburagi dreams of becoming a famous shojo mangaka, and have her work serialized. Of course her dreams and road to fame are long and tiring, and though she spends a great deal of time pushing for time to draw, and submit, her world makes sense.

That is until G-Maru arrives from the future to bask in the glory of his all-time favorite author.

G-Maru is a robot from a future where people have cast off their human coils and taken up living in robotic bodies, and the future Japan is a society that has outlawed most all forms of erotic literature, making G-Maru's addiction to Aruto's works a collection of i…

Fairies Have Tails?

By now, almost no fan of anime or manga hasn't heard the name somewhere at some point, or may have even seen the show, watched a clip, or experienced a few pages of the comic. For those of you that haven't, then you probably need to go ahead and smack your own forehead for me in an epic face-palming of super-galactic proportions. Then read on.

Fairy Tail began its life in 2006 by Hiro Mashima and since its initial publication the popularity has steadily grown. In 2009 Fairy Tail premiered in Japan as an anime series co-produced by A-1 Pictures and Satelite, and it seems as if the rest is history in the making.

Del-Rey had licensed the manga in North America, but the license was ended at the 12th volume; though now Kodansha USA Publishing has rescued the rights and has continued its release with the 14th volume scheduled for this month.

So what exactly is Fairy Tail about?

It's a series about Lucy Heartfilia, a 17 year old Celestial Spirit Mage that runs away from home with…

Your New Stuff!

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water... oh man has that line gotten old. But not our love of the adorable blue squishy-haired cutie invader Ika Musume!

Announced in February (why in the hell do I get these memos so late?) in Weekly Shounen Champion, Ika Musume's second season has been green lit, and by the power of Merlin's Beard, we all want more!

I didn't jizz my pants when heard this news... I inked them! THEN I jizzed them!

With any luck we could--please don't quote me on that--get the second season as early as winter 2012, and my fingers and tentacles are crossed.

Those bastards at ANN reported that, Voice actress Rie Tanaka (Chizuru Aizawa) expressed surprise when a Twitter user congratulated her about the second season on Monday: "Huh? Where did you get that info?"

Also on the menu for this month is the next installment of those golden yellow boxes of goodness. I speak of course about Volume 6 of the Dragon Ball Z Dragon Boxes

What's In It For You?

When we first started out watching anime and reading manga, we each did so from a purely entertainment aspect. Meaning that we each wanted to be entertained, and we wanted to be a part of a style of entertainment that surpassed many boundaries of what we were accustomed to watching and reading.

For the first time, we could see action on a more realistic and non-exaggerated level; we could get more mature oriented dialogue, and the sultry drawn vixens of the medium were all too eager to expose themselves a little for our viewing pleasure.

Lately, we've grown beyond the base need for pure entertainment, the thrill of a hardy laugh, or an edge-of-our-seat adventure. It seems we've become hyper-critical of the very thing that once very simply gave us enjoyment, and now we have our expectations set so high, that only the best masterpieces of our times will satisfy us any longer.

How did we get to this point?

Simply put, we've developed into greedy fans that don't know that…