Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya

Yesterday saw the official North American release of The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya after months of waiting and speculation, and even once the notion by the fans that the film would probably not even receive a proper English dub. Well the fans and the soon to be fans can wait no longer, the DVD/BD release has come home, and with it the inexhaustible Haruhi herself.

Now that the fans have this final release of all the animated forms of Haruhi Suzumiya, the question we are all asking, is if the creators will be making more, or if this is it. Surely there is a broader plan here that we have yet to see, and based on the novels that have yet to be adapted or released here, there is much for the S.O.S. Brigade to do.

I for one am looking with much anticipation, and hope that this is not the last we've seen of the little loudmouth girl with unconscious supernatural powers.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy Google Dot Com Day

It's time once again for a plug from Last American Nerd!

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Anime Syndrome

Ah yes, it is time once again for a good old fashioned rant. Of course, that goes without saying, since I haven't had a good one in a while.

What could I possibly have to rant about?

The fandom... what else?

So a while ago I was chatting with some people online, and one of them was bragging about how often he watches his anime shows. Now I am unsure if this is just flat out bragging, or if this is just this one fan's way of trying to one-up on the rest of us, but that's beside the point.

The issue was the number of times that this fan had watched his shows, and if he was telling the truth, it would have been in excess of dozens of times per series.

Holy crap that's a lot of rewatches!

I do good to get through a series once, then maybe twice if I am rewatching it with someone. but I don't think there are any shows in my collection that I can honestly say that I have watched more then 4 times all the way through.

Now when I delved further into this, I also discovered that this fan had what seemed like compulsion obsessions over not only the shows that he watched, but the characters in the show as well. There were no middle grounds, no maybe it was good... it was all dealt out in absolute "matter of facts", and there was something strangely familiar about this.

Turns out the kid suffers from "Asperger's Syndrome", a condition that seems to be popping up left and right in the anime community, and one that has me on the tip of my chair shouting foul as often as possible.

Now, I'm not against people with Asperger's, but the recent rise in nerds laying claim to the condition seems like a wonderful and marvelous explanation for their uber-nerdish ways. Sort of a supreme safety-net that will prohibit the rest of us from shunning them and scoffing at their deeply twisted obsessions.

So now it doesn't matter that these nerds are violating the sacred Nerd Commandment that mandates: "Thou shalt not be the nerdiest person in the room; the one nerd that even the other nerds are ashamed of!"—so long as these nerds have this excuse, or medical/mental condition then we can't say anything, or else we are the bad guys that are picking on kids with Asperger's... well fuck that!

I don't care how withdrawn, self-repressed, obsessive, compulsive, meticulous or insecure they are... if a nerd has gone too far, then by God, I'll say so! Asperger's is along the same vein as higher Functioning Autism, and I've not only met, conversed, worked with people that have it, I've had friends that have had it. Likewise I know a few people that truly suffer from Asperger's Syndrome, and believe me... they are one carrot away from the rabbit-hole to Wonderland... they pitch a bitch-fit when someone moves the last jar of pickles, and go into deep bouts of depression for hours when even the slightest normality in their exacting repetitive daily routine is up-set or altered in any way.

Nerds with Asperger's may actually exist, and I'm sure that they have implemented the repetitive compulsion inherent with the syndrome into the fandom, but I won't be fooled into thinking that every case of nerd perversion and obsession is a case of poor old Asperger's.

I'll tell you why it really pisses me off when people make a claim that they suffer from Asperger's. It's because, (A. I have to take their word for it, since there is no evidence to support that they are just full of shit and want an excuse to wank-off to lolita anime all day; (B. It covers such a broad range of mental debilitation that goes from barely even registered, to full on near mental retardation, and thus even a super-mild form of the syndrome is enough to garner pity and condolence from the world, without making the victim a drooling moron and mental incompetent.

God forbid that a fan should say they suffer from Synesthesia or flat out Autism... I mean we want to still be able to communicate with them, so sure, Asperger's is a great way to show us how fucked up you are, and it not really be your fault. Sort of like those fat bastards that wallow around in Wal-Mart, or use an electronic handicapped cart because it isn't their fault they are a massive tub of shit and lard, it's their genetics, they were born with a gene that makes them fat.

I'm sorry if I'm stepping on toes here, people... but the trend of passing the blame has just plain got to stop! We are nerds, we are perverts, we are the ones looking, reading, collecting, and we are not compelled to do so because of some syndrome, disease, or uncontrollable influence.

The fandom is a sty of its own making. The last generation of fans, had more worldly venture than this one, but the direction of the fanbase lately is a recursion of lazy perverted slobish nerds that need an outlet, and actually believe that Anime reality is better than Present reality.

Well, that's bull shit if I ever heard it. Honestly... stop being a pathetic child and realize that hotties and pussy and money, and popularity are never ever going to be discovered in this eggshell of a ruin that you call your fandom. Unless you get off your ass, and stop blaming Asperger's, OCD, or ADD or anything else that makes you a excusible nerd, then you are going to literally rot right there in the floor of your own waste and filth.

To all the people with an actual real medically diagnosed case of Asperger's Syndrome, I offer an apology for rest of the fandom... they are just lonely pathetic nerds that don't have the balls to own up to their own sicko ways.

As for the rest of you excuse makers... grow a pair, and stop trying to compete with who's the bigger nerd. I've still watched more than you, and still couldn't care.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Little Anon Letters and Coffee

Because you've all asked for it... I will now add my latest vid from YouTube.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Combo Blues

I know, I know... I have really been neglecting this blog lately, and I realize that there are a lot of fans out there that are probably going to smite me to within an inch of my life, but that's cool; I deserve it.

I guess I'll make a small mention of something that has been bothering the literal crap out of me lately, and that is the repulsive DVD-BD combo packs of anime that FUNimation has been releasing.

I know the companies out there seem to think that first we were all made of money, and then that we were too stupid to count the amount of bonus feature content included; but now they are just pushing their junk on us as a matter of par for the course, and we are just accepting this.

Over the course of this year, FUNimation has been releasing dual-format combo packs of their shows, for what ever reason I can only fail to grasp. I know it isn't for a cost effective stand-point, and it sure isn't because the fandom actually wants dual-format garbage, but more of a way for them to begin forcing the gradual shift away from DVDs into the higher definition format.

I have no problem with DVDs still. I think they are a very reliable format, and in the right authoring hands some really good quality episodes have been and still could be released.

FUNimation on the other hand has limited our consumer options drastically by making combos of their shows with both DVD and Blu-ray, and those of us that want one or the other are forced to spend an additional ten or more dollars per set for product that some of us will do nothing with.

Now before you go off thinking that I'm just looking some gift horse in the mouth, let me assure you that is not the case. This isn't a gift that will benefit us all. Some of the fans are pretty hard pressed for money to buy anime with, and when they can, are sure to want the more cost friendly items available. Not to mention that it's highly unlikely those same fans will have the latest BD technology yet, or have even held out for the technology to come to them. So what good will buying something with blu-rays do them?

On the opposite side of the coin, those of us that have the BD technology and are looking to expand that format in our shelves are buying BDs for a reason. Because we actually want the BDs... not the DVDs. If we did, then we would have gotten the DVDs to begin with. So again the question is, why would we possibly want two of the same thing?

If this is a matter of cost and packaging, then FUNimation's actions are clearly singing a different tune, since not only do they release a jumbo box-set, and then a singles thin-box set. I'm not seeing any difference between that, and just making two separate format releases.

I've yet to have to buy a dual-format box-set, but I know it's only a matter of time before I do, and when I do... I will be stomping the ground and wagging my finger at the execs of FUNimation and asking once again why I feel a cold hand on my shoulder from behind, and deft hands reaching for my wallet.