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Strike Witches 2 Dual Audio JP Release

So here's a question for you fans of the hit series featuring the scantily clad girls of the 501. Got an extra 450 dollars laying around?
Too bad. Because if you did, then you'd be in luck; March 23, 2012 Strike Witches 2 will get a complete set release in Japan with both English and Japanese audio.
Now, I'm sure you'll agree that it isn't that uncommon for a Japanese release to get a dual audio track, and despite the excitement of what may possibly be a no doubt Engrish dub, I'm wondering what sort of impact this is going to have on the morale of FUNimation Entertainment.
Last time I checked, they held the North American license for the second season of Strike Witches, and to my knowledge there hasn't been so much as a whisper about a possible release date.
Meh... anyway. FUNi can suck it, we'll wait, then complain when something else comes along. in the meantime, enjoy watching those edited versions of the show you DDL'd from some place.

Dream Eater Merry to be Dubbed

It's probably old hat by now that Sentai Filmworks has acquired the rights to the anime Dream Eater Merry, and while that is yesterday's news, the new dub is certainly not.
Sentai had been rather quiet lately about the release of DEM since its acquisition, and while the anime had been streaming on Amazon, it was still up in the air as to what sort of release it would be getting.
It was confirmed that Sentai will in fact be dubbing Dream Eater Merry and will be releasing it on Blu-ray.

Anime Artisans: 001 - Futami Twins Smile

The Futami twins aren't just cute, they are down right adorable! And this picture is a great example of their playful behavior. I'm a huge fan of Idolm@ster, and these two really make the show.
Anyway, this picture post is not some lame peace offering for the readers for my not being able to post decent stuff over the holiday weekend—though Sabre did pick up some of the slack.
Anyway, have fun with the pics, I'll probably be keeping this up for a while, as I find really good anime art, I'll post it here.
I hope that everyone had a great time over the Thanksgiving holiday, and that you all made it back from your friends and families safely.

Another to Air in Jan

There is a new anime on the loose this coming January, and it's the latest in the horror/thriller genre. It's called Another and it's based on the light novels by Yukito Ayatsuji, and published by Kadokawa Shoten. The anime is scheduled to debut in January, and a live-action film is scheduled for Summer 2012.
Kadokawa pictures released a teaser trailer for the up-coming anime, and you can see it by clicking the link below.

Buyer's Guide to Portrait of Pirates

The Portrait of Pirates line of One Piece statues is not only one of the most expensive lines of merchandise for the series, it is also one of the most fiercely bootlegged. It’s terrifying to even consider buying a P.O.P. when you know that the market is flooded with fake merchandise that is as expensive as the real stuff. As a buyer, I searched the Internet for tips on how to determine the authenticity of the figures, with little success. Some tips and tips turned out to be true, some partially true, and some completely false. So Western Otaku is here to help, with what I hope to be a complete guide to weeding out the Chinese fakes.

Buying online or in person: Buying in person has the advantage here by a long shot. On the Internet, there is absolutely no way to determine whether or not you are buying a legitimate figure or not. Stick to buying your figures in person unless you are willing to take a risk on the internet, or you can find a seller that only deals in legitimate merchandi…

Ranma 1/2 Live Action Trailer

We finally have a 30 second trailer for Ranma 1/2 live action special that is going to air in a December.

I figured I'd go ahead and make a post, even though it's Thanksgiving and I'm far from internet. So this is being made from my phone.

Anyway, make sure you all are safe this holiday weekend.

Bandai Store Closes its Doors

In a press release that was posted yesterday, it was announced that the online Bandai Store would close its doors by the end of the year (December 29th). The demise of the shop will be accompanied by the current Black Friday sale, which will remain active for as long as the store itself remains up. Anybody that is interested in buying something from the store should probably browse their prices.

It seems as though this is just a store failure, and does not reflect on the overall success of Bandai. The distribution of Bandai's titles from other retailers will be unaffected.

Hidamari Sketch Season 4 to Air

So the Sunshine Sketch series is getting another season. The slice of life comedy series focused on Yuno and her friends and a certain art school. For right now there is no set date for when the season will air, but it is definitely set for 2012.

So, put your happy faces on, and get ready for some randomness.

Check here for more info >>> CLICKY!

The Wonderful World of WO: The Con Sort

Ah yes, well... I suppose that this sums up a lot of norms for people that go to conventions, I for one have done a fine job of steering clear of my fandom's wackos, but the truth be told, I've encountered my fair share in the anime section of the local entertainment stores plenty.
Anyway, since my computer has been something on the blitz, and I've spent way too much time killing things and collecting treasure in Skyrim, I figured I'd appease you all with a little bit of humor.
I think I could spot a few of these people amongst my close friends and family... not sure if that is a good thing or not. Though I do wonder which one of these people is me.

High School DxD Airs January

The light novel demonic harem comedy finally comes to the small screen this coming January in Japan. Based on the work of Ichiei Ishibumi, the anime series follows the life of Issei Hyodo as a second year student that was killed on his first date ever, and is returned to life as a demon and servant to high demon Riasu.
Yūki Kaji as Issei Hyōdō, Yōko Hikasa as Riasu, Azumi Asakura as Aashia.
It's guaranteed to be an interesting harem comedy to say the least, and I'm interested in seeing what becomes of this new show.

A Letter To Momo

Production IG and Kadokawa Pictures may have a new anime hit movie on their hands. This time it's not Ghost in the Shell, or Blood the last Vampire; instead, it's a heartwarming poignant story of a 13 year old girl named Momo who moves back to an earlier home with her mother while struggling to come to terms with her father's recent death. Her suffering is only compounded by an unfinished letter she discovers from her father, with only the words "Dear Momo,"
The film which debuted at the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival, is directed by Hiroyuki Okiura(Jin-Roh The Wolf Brigade), and was announced on the 15th during the Production IG lineup of 2011-2012 films to include Karen Miyama as the voice of 13 year old lead character Momo, with Yuka voicing Momo's mother.
This is Hiroyuki Okiura's first feature film to direct in 11 years, since his last work, Jin-Roh, and it is reported that A Letter to Momo took him 7 years to script and storyboard.
The film i…

Fairy Tail Movie

Sorry for the slow posts yesterday, it was a pretty hectic day, and not a lot of time to get everything done. Oh well, here's a bit of late news that I'm sure everyone is all giddy and excited over.
Apparently I missed this bandwagon last month when the news about the new Fairy Tail movie was announced, but yay! I'm back on the wagon, and the horizon is looking pretty damn good.
I haven't heard yet if this is going to follow any sort of anime continuity, or if this is going to be based a little closer to the manga aspect; or if this is just out-right filler all the way, but either way, this is good news. It shows that the popularity of this show is still moving forward at a steady pace, and at a solid hundred episodes of broadcast anime, the TV series is doing just fine.
The film has been scheduled for release August 18, 2012.
There is some additional information to be found on the official site >>> HERE <<< but I wouldn't get too thrilled, unless…

Detective Conan Movie 15: Quarter of Silence BD Release Date

According to the, the release date for the new Detective Conan film, Quarter of Silence, is slated to be released November 23, 2011... though they also have the DVD scheduled for the same release date, and that makes little sense, since the SD version of the film has already been released.
Either way, this is still good news for fans of Conan, and it means that if you want to get your hands on this import, you may still have time to get in on the action.
It's very doubtful that FUNimation Entertainment will be aggressively pursuing any more of the Conan films, despite the nonchalant statements that they would. For them, it's clear that Conan is a dead franchise, and now is seen as more of a thorn in their side, than anything else.
I'll be working on getting this film as soon as possible, and just maybe, working out a nice review sometime in the near future.
You can find more Conan stuff here >>>

Negima Movie: The Akamatsu Cut

It's come down through the pipeline that the final Negima film has been extended with modified dialogue for the upcoming 37th volume of the manga. Akamatsu has reportedly stated that he changed some of the dialogue for the release in an attempt to have the characters speak more intelligenT, as well as supervise the addition of more than 40 minutes of additional footage.
This final film project for the hit anime will depict the graduation of the class, and with any luck wrap up the series in such a way that further productions are impossible.
I for one lost a lot of interest in Negima somewhere after the remake series Negima!? and the overwhelming surge of fan-gasming that ensued around that time. So the idea that this series or even the manga will be drawing to a close brings a smile to my face, and I've noted on more than one occasion that Ken Akamatsu has lost his mind, and drove his own creation into the ground long, long ago.
Since reading the manga was never a high priority…

WO Examines: Yuki Nagato Figure

Yuki Nagato is hardly my favorite character in The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, as much as she is my favorite piece of SOS brigade furniture. She’s reserved, only speaking when it’s absolutely necessary, and she keeps her robotic disposition even in the most thrilling of circumstances. That being said, when I saw the Yuki Nagato Fraulein Revoltech I had to pick it up as a lover of all things Haruhi and the Revoltech line.
One thing really stands out above everything else in this set. The Extras. Oh man, the extras. Opening up the box, accessories literally fall out of the package. In almost every Revoltech set that I have seen, the extra sets of hands sit in slots on the plastic tray, but with Nagato they have been confined to a plastic bag on the underside of the tray in order to make room for everything else. Nagato comes with practically everything associated with her in the show, including her fortune-teller costume, the talking cat that sits on her shoulder, a wand, a guitar, a …

20,000 Hits!!!

For the past few days I've been watching the hit counter on the blog slowly make its way toward the twenty thousand mark, and I've been scratching my head and pondering about what i would write, and how I would react to those numbers.

I realize that for a lot of blogs and websites out there on the internet, there are more visits, and more hits, and that's more than fine. I'm not really worried about competing with the giants of the blogosphere. I'm just beside myself with gratitude and appreciation for all the views that I do have, and that this blog has made it not only this far, but lasted this long.

I started the blog from a desire to rant, and rave; later it turned into a desire to educate and entertain. I feel that on some small level I have done that, and if in anyway one of you readers have come away from an article, or a post thinking about things for longer than a fleeting moment, then I'll take that as a resounding success. I would have certainly nev…

Ranma 1/2 Live Action Special to Air

In December of this year, a special Live Action Ranma 1/2 will be aired in Japan. Sure I realize that the information is probably old hat now, but for a lot of us out there that are fans of the original and or unprecedented genderbender fighter anime, this comes as fresh and exciting news.

The move to make the special is from a desire to generate more interest in the manga series, and certainly they are going to do that. Not only did they manage to find actors that match their animated counter-parts, but the news comes as a sigh of relief after so many failed films and TV adaptations.

The real trick now, is if, this version of Ranma will be a good enough actors to pull off the role. It's some pretty big shoes to fill. Additionally, I'm hoping that the special won't end up making a mockery of the show, though the truth be told, there were times it managed to that just fine on its own.

Click below for more pictures of the cast!

To Heart 2 OVA

On February 22nd the first of a new two-part OVA based on To Heart will be released in Japan, and there is much excitement over the new anime, which is adapted from the 2011 PSP game.

The second volume of To Heart 2: Dungeon Travelers will be available on March 21st. There are limited editions of both volumes being released, and of course that means lots and lots of cool merch packed inside!

12th Witch Revealed

Since the silhouette group shot of the 501st Strike Witches poster for the upcoming film, the fans have gone ape-shit aver the identity of the mysterious figure standing to the left of Miyafuji.
Well the anticipation was rewarded with an answer.
According to an issue of Nyan Type magazine, the new character for the movie is Sergeant Shizuka Hattori, aged 14, and will no doubt be the talk of the SW fan circles until next Spring when the film opens in Japanese theaters.

Stuff We Want! - Opera Milky Holmes Swag

Feast your eyes fans on some of the swag that is hitting the shelves in Japan this holiday season!

That's right, it's a Limited Edition Opera Milky Holmes SS Blu-ray/DVD combo with all sorts of coolness thrown in for the hell of it!

The set hits Japanese shelves on December 7th, so if you feel froggy and want to start jumping, then go ahead and make plans to get this imported from somewhere, as I'm sure the "Limited" in this Edition is exactly that!

Lolipop Chainsaw "Rock and Roll" Trailer

I've tried my best over the past year and a half to make sure that anime and manga stuff are the normal types of posts that are being made around here, and despite my best efforts to keep the gaming industry and the anime from intersecting, I had to make something of an exception on this video game title by Grasshopper Manufacture and Kadokawa Games.

It isn't just your normal zombie apocalypse hack and slash, and yes, because this comes from Kadokawa means that I get to list it in the A-Pop and J-Pop tags of the blog. So bite my ass nerds.

Anyway, like I was saying, this isn't your normal hack and slasher with hordes of the undead. It a hack and slasher with hordes of the undead, and chainsaw wielding hottie wearing a skimpy cheerleader outfit.

The artwork is amazing, and the theme is, well, what can I say? It's every nerds basement wet dream come true on multiple consoles.

If you want to see the trailer, you'll have to click below, and be warned: it contains gra…

First Impressions

Most of the time, we as anime fans fail to follow the adage; "Don't judge a book by its cover." Often, when we walk into a video store, or a best Buy or some popular place that sells anime, we invariably make every assertion of what sort of show or series it is, based exclusively on the cover art alone.

Anime companies have caught onto this nasty habit of ours, and from the beginning of the industry's darkest days of inception, they've fed us illustrations of anime that features busty babes, and muscle ripped dudes, and this has not changed in almost twenty years. What the industry knows, even if we do not, is that eye candy sells shows, scantily clad supple bodies are every fan-boys dream, and against our better judgement, we will fall prey to a show that is a total hunk of garbage, just because we were led by an advertisement, or a bit of box-art, or a cleverly spun trailer in the bonus feature section of another anime DVD.

Media Blasters Delays Squid Girl DVD 2

Well it comes as no surprise, and to be quite honest, I might have expected such rubbish from these people. In fact Media Blasters's track record for getting quality merchandise out into the hands of the fans in a timely manner has gone from good to blatant crap over the past year, and let us not dear friends forget that Queens Blade fiasco.
So it shouldn't be any surprise that now Right Stuf, which is part of the MB distribution ring has announced that the second DVD volume of Squid Girl has been delayed until December 6th.

Strike Witches Movie and Gurafigu

Advance tickets for the upcoming Strike Witches movie will be available at in advance for November 11th, and as an added bonus they are giving out Gurafigu of the Strike Witches girls.
I don't know about anybody else, but I'm not only wanting to get my hands on a couple of those things, but I'd love to get a chance to see the movie too.

Reportedly the new movie will be premiering sometime in the Spring, lets hope that people can hang on to their butts for that long.

Madoka Magica Film Trilogy?

So the December issue of Newtype has spilled some of the beans about the new talked about Madoka Magica film, and apparently it's going to be not one, but three films. Details about the film project were pretty much spilled by producer Atsuhiro Iwakami, and he has made it fairly clear that there are to be three films; the first two which will be compressed coverages of the anime TV show, in movie format, and a third that will be an all new film to round out the projected trilogy.
I guess the fans of Madoka can rejoice. but I find re-cap films a little on the annoying side. Granted, I might be able to finally get into the show, if i can watch it condensed a little. So I guess we'll see.

Phoenix Wright Live Action Film Trailer

So, when I heard that a live action film adaptation of a Phoenix Wright game was in the works, I brushed it off with a huge amount of skepticism. I mean, honestly, how many times have we seen a fantastic franchise of games or anime get the film treatment, only to let down all the fans?
I really wasn't all that interested in having yet another great series get creamed under the feet of some money-mongering studio, not here or from Japan; so like I said, I brushed it off as a total wad of bunk.
However, today I actually take the time to look a little further at this film, now that the official trailer is out, and I notice something that caught my attention fairly quickly. That thing, just happened to be the film's director, legendary filmmaker Takashi Miike.

More Hellsing Ultimate

I'm sure you were right there with me a couple of years ago when you got to the end of the first four Hellsing Ultimate OVAs, strummed your fingers and wondered where in the name of Zeus's butthole OVAs 5, 6, and 7 were at. We all knew good and well that the Major's speech at the end of OVA 4 was the prelude to yet another round of OVAs, and yet FUNimation it seemed only had the four that they picked up from Geneon. Then last July, I'm sure we all remember cheering absurdly when FUNimation announced that they had gotten the license to those mythic OVAs and all seemed right with the world of anime. At least until the waiting game began.
Well, it seems that instead of getting the OVAs between last July and now, what we've gotten from FUNimation Entertainment is yet another announcement of acquisition.

WO Examines: Squid Girl DVD 1

So after much consideration, I found myself in Best Buy yesterday while looking for a specific Haruhi Suzumiya purchase, and noticed the notorious Squid Girl DVD while going through the collected anime for sale.
Now, I've been pretty vocal over the past couple of weeks about how Media Blasters and several subgroups have been treating Ika Musume, and I swore before all that was holy that I would never buy this bastardized atrocity. Though, there is something to be said for spouting absolutes, and actually holding the product in one's hands.
One thing that I noticed upon first examination was the title that Media Blasters had decided for the release. Instead of the Japanese title of simply Shinryaku! Ika Musume, they opted for an exacting translation of the show by going with "Squid Girl". And while that is accurate, it's actually not the whole title. Shinryaku is the word for "Invasion", and when it's translated together with Ika Musume, it should hav…

Magic Tree House Official Trailer

The official Magic Tree House trailer has been released, and the film, which is based on Mary Pope Osborne’s series of children’s books will be premiering in Japanese theaters on January 7, 2012.

The film follows the adventures of Jack and his little sister Annie, who stumble upon a magical tree house that can take them on a ride through time and space. The film is directed by Hiroshi Nishikiori, and features the vocal talent of Keiko Kitagawa as Jack, and Mana Ashida as Annie.

Click Below to see the Trailer!

Black Rock Shooter TV Staff Revealed

It has finally been revealed who will helm the TV production of the new Black Rock Shooter animation for next year. For those that are interested in that sort of thing anyway.

You can also visit the official BRS site here: Black Rock Shooter

Original: BRS ★ project
Original Character: huke
Director: Shinobu Yoshioka
Feats Director CG: H. Stone configure script now: character design and animation director Maro village gross Okada Yoshinori fence Yusuke Animation: Ordet, Sanjigen

WO's Honorable Mention: TRIGUN

So this post has been long in the making, since over the past 8 years, various people have been pushing me to watch TRIGUN. Now before you think that I was just being stubborn, let me set your minds at ease a little, by saying that most likely, I was being stubborn.
Most of the opportunities I had to watch the show were only in the form of the local video store rental section that only carried a couple of the DVD volumes, and past experience had taught me a valuable lesson about trying to piecemeal a series together by watching in the middle, or watching half, then jumping episodes, then finishing the show... yeah, you get the idea; it would have been a huge mess. So despite the fact that I had heard nothing but good things about TRIGUN or Vash the Stampede, I just wasn't really in much of a position to watch the thing.
After a while, when the Geneon closure happened, Vash and friends were gone. And not just gone, they were freaking long gone. Copies of the show sold on Amazon fo…

Digimon Xros Wars Streams on Crunchyroll

The fans have spoken, and Crunchyroll has delivered. The long awaited series, Digimon Xros Wars has finally been acquired by Crunchyroll for streaming, and will be simulcasting the show in several countries, including Canada and America.

The 54 episode series has now began its second season with Digimon Xros Wars: Toki o Kakeru Shōnen Hunter-tachi which began airing in Japan on October 2nd. Xros Wars is the first Digimon title to air since 2007, and based on the fan support and popularity, this one seems to be building some great steam.

You can catch more information about Digimon Xros Wars here: Crunchyroll

Fullmetal Alchemist: SSoM Additional Showings

More Film Festival showing of Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos is upon us. FUNimation Entertainment has released a list of showings for those that want a chance to catch the film.
Vancouver Asian Film Festival
(Nov. 3 – 6) Sunday Nov. 5 @ 9:15 pm Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival
(Nov. 8 – 13) Friday, Nov. 11 @ 11:30 pm San Francisco International Animation
Film Festival

(Nov. 10 – 13) Sunday, Nov. 13 @ 8:30 pm Waterloo Festival of Animated Cinema
(Nov. 17 – 20) TBA 
According to the information provided in the announcement, the film will be shown in Japanese language, with English subtitles. So make sure if you are anywhere near one of these showing you stop by to experience the FMA movie.

Professor Layton US DVD Ships

The first anime film adaptation of the highly popular Professor Layton games will ship on DVD next week, as well as digital download. Viz has already started offering a sneak peek of the new film titled, Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva.

I know my fiance will be excited for this, and I'm more than a little curious as to why I didn't check out the thing before now.

You can see the trailer below by following the link to the full article.

Working'!! Gets New Project

So far the new season of Working'!! hasn't even been airing for half its expected run and already a new endeavor is announced.

Reportedly, in the 22nd issue of Young Gangan magazine, it was stated that Working!! would be getting another treatment, though the article/announcement was unclear as to whether that would be in the form of an anime, or some other media type.

With the amount of success that the series is gaining, I'd hope for more anime, but a show's success isn't always based on the amount of episodes it can force under its belt, but instead on the diverse amount of fans that it can generate. For now, we'll keep our fingers crossed, that it's at least something that will drive the popularity up, and in the process grace us with more of the stuff we love.

By the way, the image above is not the article announcement in question. i just like looking at Inami-chan's underpants.

Haruhi Swag Spotted in Taipei

A traveling Otaku from Japan visited a few places around the Chinese Otaku hot spots, and discovered some interesting and unique merch, some of it seemingly legit as well.

It just goes to show that Otaku fandom is far reaching, and a thing to be admired.

Like a lot of the places around Akihabara, the Otaku centers in Taipei cater to their visitors with a variety of anime posters, signs and themes.

Shane Save The World - Death Note Film

During a panel at Comic Con, director Shane Black(Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang; Iron Man3) talked about some of the planned changes that Warner intended for the acquired Death Note live-action film. Among the most critical of changes were to the character of Light Yagami, whose motivation to use the Note, would come from a sense of revenge, which would be solidified using a flashback to show the death of a close friend.

Black opposed the changes, and made it clear that they were not part of his version of the film, should it recieve a green light for production. Other notable changes would also include the removal of the Shinigami altogether.

Personally, I'm not a very big fan of Death Note, and have done much in my power to stay clear of it. But I am a fan of Shane Black's work, and should he get his way, and not allow the people at Warner to muscle over him, I might be willing to give the adapted film a go.

What If It Was Anime? - My Little Pony

So by now you've probably been exposed to the fandemic of Hasbro's revamp of the popular children's show My Little Pony, and if you haven't, well, it's quite possible that you've been living under a rock somewhere. In all likelihood if you don't know someone that is a "Brony"(that's a non-gendered term for full-out fan of the series), then someone you know knows someone that is.

The popularity of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has escalated so much over the past year, that it has spawned thousands of Fan-Fictions, thousands of Memes, and almost a million Pics of varying degrees of innuendo and sultry stuff. Shipping in this fandom is almost a must, and it isn't improbable to see some form of its influence around almost every corner of the internet.