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Dragon Ball Z Blu-ray Cancelled!

Well, time heals all wounds I suppose... at least that's what the fans of Dragon Ball Z will be saying months from now when they are staring at their lonely "Level 1.1" BD release of the first 17 episodes of DBZ.

In an announcement yesterday, FUNimation Entertainment said they were cancelling all future releases of the Blu-rays for Dragon Ball Z and claimed that among other things, it was just too costly to transfer the series frame by frame.

FUNimation also went on to say that they pretty much did this whole BDZ on BD for the fans, because we wanted it.

Now, I'm not an idiot, I know there is some process to transferring film to digital medium, but the way they made it sound is that they were literally take each frame of the 16mm film and taking a digital snap-shot of it with sanitized hands. Which is a load of crap.

Also, the thing that sort of makes this sting, among other things with FUNimation, is the fact that they just put the blame of the expense on the fan…

VAs Cover Disney

Aha! I was wondering when something like this was going to happen, and well, it has! Apparently it came down the nerd pipeline today that ten Japanese voice actors have recorded covers of Disney songs, and are releasing an album.

So that means that the album will feature 10 songs from various Disney films, and not only that, tell 'em what else they get Johnny!

They not only will be releasing the album, but they will be releasing a Deluxe Edition CD with cool crap inside... most notably booklets with pictures of the VAs doing the songs. So if you are just all hot and bothered over Walt Disney films, and you love you some Japanese VAs the way American tabloid journalists love Hollywood actors, then you owe it to yourself to fly over to Japan on February 22, and grabbing this CD release.

Otherwise, you can sit at home at hope some nerd buddy of yours in Japan will make you a copy. Yeah, fat chance.

Anyway, the songs that are featured on the CDs are these:

1"You Can Fly!"Pe…

Anime Artisans: 006 - Sick of Anime

Tis the season to have sniffles... or at least in my case, a huge ginormous whopper of a head-cold and fever and all that jazz. Sheesh, it took me like a week solid to stop wanting to collapse to the floor and want to just die.

Anyway, I'll have pity on all you fans out there that are getting hit with the nasty stuff, and wish you a speedy recovery.

In the meantime, here's some cute art for the occasion.

Red Carpet Mayhem

And, we are back in action, like I said we would be after the protest against the SOPA/PIPA bills, and from what I've come to understand, they are more or less dust, with all of their support being dropped, and more than 4 to 5 million signatures on the petition. And now we take you to your currently running farce in the world of anime!

So call me crazy, but it seems that the providers of anime are just grasping at straws when they have to feature a bad rapper and internet meme as a special guest at the premiere of the new Fullmetal Alchemist movie.

That's right! Rapper, and self professed anime nerd Soulja Boy got to walk down the red carpet at the premiere of the new FMA film, along with the English VAs and the film's director.

Maybe I'm just reading too much into this, but I just wanted to face-palm myself into oblivion at the thought of such stretching for some sort of anime credibility. I mean seriously folks, if you want to get people to watch and like anime, …

Strike that SOPA

Taking a stand along side our internet compatriots, Western Otaku is now on strike, and we'll be taking aprt of this internet blackout as we help to raise our voice in peaceable demonstration against the SOPA bill.

If you have a website, you can join us today by going here:

There will be no updates until Monday 23 Jan. 2012.

Sentai Filmworks Licenses Another TV

Despite the fact that FUNimation Entertainment is doing everything in their power to butt-fuck the anime industry at every turn, Sentai Filmworks and Section 23 are determined to shrug them off as a play-ground bully, and charge ahead with anime acquisitions regardless.

Yesterday Sentai Filmworks announced that they had secured the license for Another and plan to release it on DVD/BD later this year. As something of a bonus, they are going to be releasing the series digitally through multiple outlets. Meaning possibly digital downloads, but don't quote me on that.

The best thing about Sentai Filmworks, is that they aren't going to be sitting on this license for two plus years and dick around like FUNimation. When it's time to get the anime released, they are going to release it, and give the fans the shows, as quickly as possible.

I hope you're taking notes FUNi... you dumb bastards!

There has also been no word yet, if Sentai is going to dub the anime, but we'll …

AMV: Ef - A Tale of Melodies

It isn't just a great video, but combined with the moving song by Lifehouse, it manages to convey all the emotions of the amine in almost every respect. Truly an emotional and stirring Fan-Video!

Motto To Love Ru Trouble Licensed

According to an announcement yesterday, Sentai Filmworks has licensed the 12 episode sequel series Motto To love Ru Trouble, on a complete collection subtitled only DVD this Spring.

This no doubt comes as some good news to the fans, that loved the first series, but were left wanting more.

By more, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. More panties, more sultry stuff, and of course more of the funny stuff.

The only drawback about this, is that it's only getting Subtitled, but at least it's consistent with the previous series. Even though Sentai has demonstrated some fairly well made Dubbing work, I guess we'll just have to wait and see if the sales earn it anything else later on.

Aya Hirano Goes Live Action

Rejoice fans of Japanese Pop Culture! it seems that our star of voice acting has decided to move her talent from the animated screen to the live action screen, and hopefully she wont be pissing off the fans with this move.

Now this is not a sign of her giving up on voice acting, I'm sure, but it is an interesting move nevertheless. considering that Hirano managed to incite some scorn from her followers last year when they heard about her quote, un-quote banning from anime.

Whether that was a legitimate thing, or a publicity stunt, it still managed to sting the fans pretty deeply, and we are all a little more wary of putting our hands back into that fire.

Apparently Aya Hirano is going to star in a new late night drama, Muse's Mirror and play a girl that has been shut out of the entertainment world, and struggle to make her way up onto the top as a popular actress.

I don't know about anyone else, but it's always fascinated me how the Japanese industry always manage to …

Anime Artisans: 005 - Ed and Ein

Sorry for such a long delay in getting something posted on here, it's been really busy this past couple of days, and there really hasn't been all that much that's been all that "news" worthy.

Anyway, I figured I'd go ahead and showcase another great piece of art that is anime or manga related, and this time it happens to be Edward from Cowboy Bebop.

The name of this one is, "Ed teasing Ein", so hopefully that clears up some confusion on what exactly she's doing.

Also, it has been pointed out that Edward is a little of the buff side, which I find totally acceptable, considering all the monkey climbing she does.

I would have preferred that she at least look at little more girl-like in the face, but hey, Edward in a sports bra... that totally makes up for all that.

Western Otaku Examines: Himura Kenshin Revoltech

As part of the 15 year anniversary of the Rurouni Kenshin anime, Revoltech released two Kenshin-themed figures. Western Otaku happened to get its hands on one of these, and thought it would be fitting to review it for the anniversary.

First off, Kenshin comes with the Revoltech basics: Extra hands, some props, extra faces, a revoltech stand, and what I would call an "action stand" that makes it look like dust is flying from whichever foot it is on. The props in this case are different versions of Kenshin's sword. One is completely sheathed, one is thin enough to fit into an extra sheath, and the thickest of the three doesn't have any sheath. Because of the differences in each of the swords, Kenshin's waistband can be swapped for a different sword holster option.

Rurouni Kenshin: 15th Anniversary

It's undoubtedly a big year for Rurouni Kenshin, as the anime adaptation celebrates its 15 year anniversary. For those that are unfamiliar, Rurouni Kenshin is the story of a wandering swordsman who has vowed not to take another life in order to atone for his killings as a manslayer during the Meji revolution. With the actual 15th anniversary of the anime series just a few days away, we here at Western Otaku want to highlight the series, as well as all of the new developments.

Earlier last year, Aniplex released both Kenshin OVAs as well as the Rurouni Kenshin movie on bi-lingual Blu-Rays. Not only were these Blu-rays made available to US customers and Japanese customers, the sets were released in both regions on the same day (although they definitely came at a premium).

Nisemonogatari to Stream on Crunchyroll

Just when it seemed that most of us had forgotten completely about this franchise, along comes a sequel to one of the most interesting and complicated anime shows in the past couple of years.

I speak of course about Nisemonogatari, the new show scheduled to broadcast in Japan this Saturday, and interestingly enough, has been picked up for simulcast by Crunchyroll.

Based on the limited information that I have, I gather that this sequel picks up where the previous series, Bakemonogatari left off, and will continue to follow the adventures of our estranged hero.

Gosick or Bust!

Well it seems that among other things, Gosick is up for grabs again, as earlier this week Bandai Entertainment announced that it was closing down its anime and manta section permanently. While this comes as a huge shock and disappointment to the fans and supporters of the company, it also seems to be a clear cut case of the industry simply claiming another victim.

In this case, the highly engrossing mystery thriller, Gosick by studio BONES.

I for one am disappointed, but at the same time only want the anime to get the best possible treatment it can get. There are some that feel as if that would come from a studio as big as FUNimation, but their past several shows they've licensed and dubbed have left something to be desired.

The bottom line for me, is that if it can't get the treatment it should, then I am willing to wait on a studio to get it that will do it right.

EDIT: Found a typo... thanks Android Tablet!

Happy New Year from WO!

In an uncharacteristically generous act, Lina Inverse(our beloved mascot) has decided to let her friends stand in with her as she relays our best wishes, here at Western Otaku, for this new year!

To all our readers, subscribers, and passersby, I'd like to personally thank you for continuing to support this little corner of the internet, and for putting up with all my insanity... I'm sure there will be more to come for 2012.

In the mean time, we're just gonna keep doing like we always do, and try to bring a little piece of personal opinion, reality, and a heavy back-handing to the industry and the fanbase whenever possible. So God bless, and have a great new year.

David, and the Staff of Western Otaku