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Aya Hirano Goes Live Action

Rejoice fans of Japanese Pop Culture! it seems that our star of voice acting has decided to move her talent from the animated screen to the live action screen, and hopefully she wont be pissing off the fans with this move.

Now this is not a sign of her giving up on voice acting, I'm sure, but it is an interesting move nevertheless. considering that Hirano managed to incite some scorn from her followers last year when they heard about her quote, un-quote banning from anime.

Whether that was a legitimate thing, or a publicity stunt, it still managed to sting the fans pretty deeply, and we are all a little more wary of putting our hands back into that fire.

Apparently Aya Hirano is going to star in a new late night drama, Muse's Mirror and play a girl that has been shut out of the entertainment world, and struggle to make her way up onto the top as a popular actress.

I don't know about anyone else, but it's always fascinated me how the Japanese industry always manage to ironically find these stories that some how manage to parallel the lives of the stars that are cast in them.

I'm of course waiting to see if Hirano can pull off live action acting, before I make any more assumptions.