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Dragon Ball Z Blu-ray Cancelled!

Well, time heals all wounds I suppose... at least that's what the fans of Dragon Ball Z will be saying months from now when they are staring at their lonely "Level 1.1" BD release of the first 17 episodes of DBZ.

In an announcement yesterday, FUNimation Entertainment said they were cancelling all future releases of the Blu-rays for Dragon Ball Z and claimed that among other things, it was just too costly to transfer the series frame by frame.

FUNimation also went on to say that they pretty much did this whole BDZ on BD for the fans, because we wanted it.

Now, I'm not an idiot, I know there is some process to transferring film to digital medium, but the way they made it sound is that they were literally take each frame of the 16mm film and taking a digital snap-shot of it with sanitized hands. Which is a load of crap.

Also, the thing that sort of makes this sting, among other things with FUNimation, is the fact that they just put the blame of the expense on the fans, making it their fault that FUNimation even tried to do this and it failed.

Well, excuse the hell out of me for buying all the Dragon Boxes, and not giving a damn about one of a thousand re-releases the company had done all within three got damn years.

I swear, if ever there was a series or franchise that has been beaten to death, and driven into the ground it has been Dragon Ball Z, and no doubt, it comes as a huge shock to the brains at FUNimation that the show isn't making them a profit anymore.

I for one could care less if the series dies right now on their shelves, and never sees another release. Cause quite frankly, I'm sort of sick of hearing about FUNimation's necromancy.


  1. Expenses are something that should have been researched and planned for from the beginning; Their entire excuse reeks of falsehoods. They're simply canceling the sets because Fans weren't as excited as Funi wanted them to be. And who can blame the fans, we're still enjoying the last two releases.

    The Blu-ray sets were pushed before the Dragonboxes even had a chance to finish their run. The Dragonboxes were pushed in a similar way, but the novelty behind that release made the Dragonboxes hot items, while the novelty behind the Blu-ray sets is laughable. Not many fans that have previous incarnations of the series are interested in buying the show 17 episodes at a time, when the last two iterations of the show have had 30-42 episodes each.

    This cancellation is hardly a surprise for Dragon Ball fans, who have been through a similar situation with the cancellation of the Ultimate Uncut sets after 9 volumes, I believe. Then there are the Dragon Boxes, with which many fans didn't realize the full implications of them being "limited" releases.

    I share the viewpoint of many of the fans that I have seen: Thank God I have the Dragonboxes, and didn't buy into this mess.

  2. The problem with FUNimation is that their perception of Dragon Ball Z as their so-called cash cow is coming back to bite them in the ass. There is only so much of the show you can re-release before fans will eventually see that it is nothing more than the same show they've been buying, just with a newer coat of paint. At some point, you're gonna need to stop and ask yourself: "Do I want the show for its presentation, or its content?" Plus, the company has its own skeletons in their closet such as the cancellation of the Ultimate Uncuts to which they STILL owe the fans an apology for. Until FUNimation officially acknowledges their dysfunctional handling of Dragon Ball and apologizes for it, they're not to be trusted as a reliable R1 distribution company. Buy R2 and support the makers directly!


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