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Red Carpet Mayhem

And, we are back in action, like I said we would be after the protest against the SOPA/PIPA bills, and from what I've come to understand, they are more or less dust, with all of their support being dropped, and more than 4 to 5 million signatures on the petition. And now we take you to your currently running farce in the world of anime!

So call me crazy, but it seems that the providers of anime are just grasping at straws when they have to feature a bad rapper and internet meme as a special guest at the premiere of the new Fullmetal Alchemist movie.

That's right! Rapper, and self professed anime nerd Soulja Boy got to walk down the red carpet at the premiere of the new FMA film, along with the English VAs and the film's director.

Maybe I'm just reading too much into this, but I just wanted to face-palm myself into oblivion at the thought of such stretching for some sort of anime credibility. I mean seriously folks, if you want to get people to watch and like anime, this is not how to do it.