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Sentai Filmworks Licenses Another TV

Despite the fact that FUNimation Entertainment is doing everything in their power to butt-fuck the anime industry at every turn, Sentai Filmworks and Section 23 are determined to shrug them off as a play-ground bully, and charge ahead with anime acquisitions regardless.

Yesterday Sentai Filmworks announced that they had secured the license for Another and plan to release it on DVD/BD later this year. As something of a bonus, they are going to be releasing the series digitally through multiple outlets. Meaning possibly digital downloads, but don't quote me on that.

The best thing about Sentai Filmworks, is that they aren't going to be sitting on this license for two plus years and dick around like FUNimation. When it's time to get the anime released, they are going to release it, and give the fans the shows, as quickly as possible.

I hope you're taking notes FUNi... you dumb bastards!

There has also been no word yet, if Sentai is going to dub the anime, but we'll keep our fingers crossed just in case.


  1. Just out of curiosity, if it turns out that ADV did in fact owe 8-million and shirked their debt, then what?

  2. We as consumers still lose. At this point, it isn't the fact that ADV may/may not owe 8 million... it's the fact that our best sources of anime in North America are about to go to blows.

    If FUNi comes out on top, then we will be left with more or less one conglomerate of anime provision, which spells bad news all the way around.

    If ADV is in the right, and they win. Then we may still lose. More than anything, my personal feelings are against the conflict as a whole... though this hasn't helped my opinion of FUNimation much to be honest. If anything, it tells me that I'll be sure to wear my hamstring protection, and a Kevlar vest.


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