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Gosick or Bust!

Well it seems that among other things, Gosick is up for grabs again, as earlier this week Bandai Entertainment announced that it was closing down its anime and manta section permanently. While this comes as a huge shock and disappointment to the fans and supporters of the company, it also seems to be a clear cut case of the industry simply claiming another victim.

In this case, the highly engrossing mystery thriller, Gosick by studio BONES.

I for one am disappointed, but at the same time only want the anime to get the best possible treatment it can get. There are some that feel as if that would come from a studio as big as FUNimation, but their past several shows they've licensed and dubbed have left something to be desired.

The bottom line for me, is that if it can't get the treatment it should, then I am willing to wait on a studio to get it that will do it right.

EDIT: Found a typo... thanks Android Tablet!