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Western Otaku Examines: Himura Kenshin Revoltech

As part of the 15 year anniversary of the Rurouni Kenshin anime, Revoltech released two Kenshin-themed figures. Western Otaku happened to get its hands on one of these, and thought it would be fitting to review it for the anniversary.

First off, Kenshin comes with the Revoltech basics: Extra hands, some props, extra faces, a revoltech stand, and what I would call an "action stand" that makes it look like dust is flying from whichever foot it is on. The props in this case are different versions of Kenshin's sword. One is completely sheathed, one is thin enough to fit into an extra sheath, and the thickest of the three doesn't have any sheath. Because of the differences in each of the swords, Kenshin's waistband can be swapped for a different sword holster option.

While I think that the various sword options are pretty cool, they lead to one of the disappointing aspects of the figure. Of the 8 swappable hands, 2 are open hands, 1 is a fist, and 5 are just for holding the various sword handles and sheathes. Because of this, there aren't as many different posing options as I'd like to see from a figure with 8 hands. Also, none of the hands use typical revoltech style joints, and instead use hinge style joints with a very limited range of motion.

Facial options are also pretty limited. The three faces only provide 2 different expressions, as two of the faces are the same aside from the direction that Kenshin's eyes look. Kenshin has some excellent facial expressions in the series, such as his famous "Oro?" face, but the revoltech only comes with one normal face and two "fierce" faces. The kicker here is that two Kenshin Revoltechs were produced, "Himura Kenshin" (This one) and "Battousai Himura", and from all that I have seen, the two are identical aside from the color of Kenshin's robe. Revoltech really missed out on an opportunity here; Instead of releasing identical figures, they could have released Himura Kenshin with more passive faces and hands, and Battousai with aggressive accessories. Afterall, Himura Kenshin represents a time in which the character is much more peaceful.

Accessories and options are only part of the release, however. I feel like the sculpt is the most important thing to consider in this situation. Baggy clothing seems to be the bane many problems with posable figures. Making them look decent comes at the cost of the figure's range of movement, and it can turn out as one big mess. Because of his traditional garb, Kenshin's range of movement is definitely hampered, but even his limited poses always seem to look good. It's quite easy to put Kenshin into a great pose, as long as you are willing to compromise a bit with the movement in his legs. That being said, I have yet to see his legs look awkward in any pose. Kenshin's sculpt definitely gets a pass. It pulls off Kenshin's baggy clothing without sacrificing much in terms of appearance.

I have some problems with Kenshin's hand and face options, but overall this revoltech is highly satisfying. Kenshin looks great in almost every pose that I can put him in. It's unfortunate that some poses are impossible, due to Keshin's baggy clothes or the weird hinge joints that are on his hands, but I'm happy to forgive those flaws. Overall, Himura Kenshin is another solid Revoltech release. Fans interested in picking one up should decide if they want Himura Kenshin for his pink robe, or Battousai Kenshin for his blue robe, because there doesn't seem to be much purpose in collecting both.