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Bleach Anime Coming to a Close

In a hot piece of news today, it was announced that the Bleach anime series will be concluding its run on TV. The final episode is set to air on March 27, and its timeslot will be filled by an anime adaptation of the Naruto spinoff "Rock Lee's Springtime of Youth".

It was no secret that Bleach was losing its time slot to Rock Lee, but the complete cancellation of the series is quite shocking. Bleach has been slowly declining in popularity, and apparently has been eclipsed in rankings by the newer shonen series Toriko, but this cancellation makes me wonder if it was doing worse than I had originally imagined. After all, the manga itself was set to enter final story arc soon, so the anime adaptation would not have been too far behind.

The idea that Bleach may never receive a properly animated ending is frustrating as a fan, but there is a bit of hope. For a series as massive as Bleach, it's entirely possible that we may see the resurrection of the series with the cancellation of the manga.

So hit your messaging boards and anime groups, and get ready for some bitching. If you thought that fanboys were vocal about the filler beforehand, just wait until they learn they can blame the demise of the series on it.


  1. This is just nuts. I really want to bitch and moan, but not about the filler; I actually like it for the most part, but to have a series cancelled before it hits its last arc is crazy!

    There is some hope, like you said, but I see it in the form of perhaps a final film that will cover the arc... of course with the fact that such a long running series has seen its end, isn't causing me to look too hopeful in the least.

    I never thought I'd see the day where a piece of news on my own site was news to me. lol.


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