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More Delays from FUNi

Well, boy and girls, and strange creatures from the otaku land of crazy... sorry I've been AFK for so long, I've been trying to get some personal life stuff taken care of.

Anyway... you probably aren't interested in any of that, so I'll just get to the bit of interesting stuff I caught wind of this morning.

Apparently, in addition to having poor foresight at the Dragon Ball Z franchise, and what with all the cancellations, FUNimation has announced more delays for their anime.

Fairy Tail Part 4 and Heaven's Lost Property have been pushed back on their release dates, and are expected to be released March 20 (Fairy Tail), and April 17 (Heaven's Lost Property).

Guess they are gonna blame this one on the fans too.

Well, we'll just wait and see. As troubling a times as this year has began with, I really don't see it getting much worse... unless everyone in Japan suddenly pulls their licenses from the American Douchery.